"Time isn't the main thing. It's the only thing."

-Miles Davis

               "Nature, to be commanded,

                must be obeyed."

               -Francis Bacon

168 Bookkeeping Your life:

having enough time for everything

Do you...

...often feel you are behind on things?

...notice that the urgent often pushes out the important?

...hope you'll be able to take a break sometime in the future?

...find that you often need to cancel or re-promise your agreements with others?

...discover that you can't find time to do things to take care of yourself?

...notice that you don't have time to followthrough on things that you start?

...feel that you have too many things on your plate?

...think that you should be more efficient?

...believe that your problem would be solved if you had 48 hours in a day?

...find yourself cutting corners on sleep, exercise, and good nutrition?

...often think you don't get enough done?

...frequently find yourself in breakdown or emergency mode?

...sometimes/often feel overwhelmed or pressured?

...wonder where the time went?

...find yourself thinking about the next thing you have to do while doing this thing?

Do any of these resonate?

If so, this link is just for you.

Possible (and suggested) life categories to use in "168 Bookkeeping Your Life"

  • Sleep (required)

  • Daily maintenance (required): miscellaneous items: dress, toilet, wash dishes, etc.

  • Now/downtime (required): time for your Now to do whatever she/he wants

  • Eating and prep (required)

  • Planning (recommended) 

  • Exercise (recommended)

  • Work (probable); work time might be broken out into separate categories

  • Travel time (circumstantial)

  • Breaks from work (circumstantial)

  • Time for a specific project or projects (circumstantial)

  • Social (probable)

  • Romance (circumstantial)

  • Family (circumstantial)

  • Taking supplements (circumstantial)

  • Meditation or other well-being routines (circumstantial)

  • Going through emails (circumstantial)

  • Emergency/unexpected issues as needed (circumstantial)

  • Reading (circumstantial)

  • Learning/schooling (circumstantial)

  • Organization (circumstantial)

  • Cleaning (circumstantial)

  • Shopping (circumstantial)

  • Entertainment (circumstantial)

  • Holidays (circumstantial)

  • Self-grooming and make-up (circumstantial)

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