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I used to be rebellious

I used to be I just do what I want

I rebelled against my father

I used to rebel against the idea of conformity when my father wanted me to be less outspoken about whatever might bring negative attention to me and our family. 

Today, I will look at the costs and benefits, risks and possibilities of various expressions of conformity compared to being "more authentic." I will express myself without resistance to anyone or anything whether I conform or not conform in given circumstances and in given ways.

I rebelled against socialism

I used to rebel against many of the socialist ideas and government interventions with a feeling that others and the government actions they supported were an affront and threat to my rights and freedoms. 

Today, I will be curious to understand better why someone may hold such ideas, maybe learning something new myself, with no agenda to change their views or change the behavior of those who are the vanguard and implementers of the various socialist regulations and programs of the sundry world governments. In light of what others believe and do regarding these beliefs and supportive actions I will select from the options available to express myself or not, to comply or not, as best serves me, with no feeling of rebelliousness. I respond to how reality is.

I was defensive and rebelled against requests and expectations of me

I used to get defensive and rebellious when someone would request of me or expect of me something I thought was unfair or inconsiderate.

Today, I am curious about how they are thinking when people make requests or have expectations of me that I previously felt I needed to "protect" myself from. I may decide to agree or to say "no," regardless of whether a request or expectation is unfair or inconsiderate, without any feelings of defense.

I used to live in a world where I needed to rebel

I used to live in a world where I thought it was necessary to rebel in order to defend and express myself.

Today, I live in a world where I know there is nothing to defend, nothing to prove, and nothing to rebel against. I am already free. All I need to do is to accept what is and then do what I want. The rest is none of my business.

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