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It's not fear that stops you

Is it true?


How many times have you said or thought something like,

“I was stopped from doing…by my fear” or

“I didn’t have enough courage to…” or

"I was too frightened to ask for..." or

"I couldn't say no because..." or

“I don’t feel comfortable enough to do…yet,”

thinking that fear was stopping you or you were allowing fear to stop you?

Learn to recognize the truth


Fear never stops you from doing anything.

It is your attitude toward fear,

it is your resistance to fear, it is your denial of fear,

it is your thinking something is wrong if you are frightened,

it is your belief that you shouldn't do something if you're frightened of it,

it is your belief that fear is your enemy to either be overcome or avoided,

it's your belief that fear necessarily means danger,

that stops you.

It is your resistance, denial, and false beliefs that stop you


Almost all of what we call fears are not simply fears. They are fears combined with the resistance to fears.

Fear does not stop you. It is most often your resistance to fear that stops you (or slows you down).

Fear is your friend, fear is energy


Fundamentally, fear is just energy. If you embrace your fear, if you align with the energy of your fear, then you can easily use that energy in the service of your commitments and deepest desires.


Instead of fear stopping you, fear will empower you. Fear is the opportunity to choose courageOpen this door to Undoing fear.


Learn to make friends with your fear. It will be one of the best friends you’ll ever have.

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