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Jim Gehring - March 28, 2011


Dear Dwight,

Just wanted to write you a note and let you know haw valuable it has been for me to have had the
opportunity to walk with you as my "life" coach.


It is amazing to me how simple the process is and that through dialogue one can more easily achieve the goals he/she seeks. It would seem that when it comes to our education or sports we have no problem going to someone for advice. In fact, it is a societal norm to do so. BUT, when you talk about your life in an introspective manner, examining your own thoughts and habits, somehow people are afraid.

Ah yes, Courage! Our walk together with fear and courage has really helped me through a number of
challenges. Although our dialogue has not always been rooted in some form of fear, many times I have
found myself afraid to change because, bottom line, sometimes the memory of a past experience can
really hold you back, However, having worked with you for well over a year now l can say that in
most cases it is just common sense to choose courage and move ahead.

So for me a life coach (that's you, Dwight) is someone who has an amazing ability to listen, allowing me
to share as much as I possibly can, and then simply offer different perspectives or ask simple thought
provoking questions that have allowed me to reshape old patterns and to have some really amazing
breakthroughs in my life.

You have consistently provided that space for me, allowing me to break the cycle of events I would
typically continue to meander along and to try something new instead, something unexpected.
something that most often makes a real difference!


When I was experiencing the most difficult time in my marriage, you gave me the freedom to CHOOSE to stay or go. And I hare to say, that my choice to stay was miraculous! My experience in being married still exceeds my expectations of what I ever even dreamed love could be. I am really, truly blessed.


I naturally wouldn't say that I owe that all to you, but I must say that I don't know where I would have gotten at that stage in my life without our conversations. Through simple dialogue you enabled me to see the opportunities at hand in what was a bad situation and to then make a very powerful choice for myself.

Thanks Dwight for all of the support and for being you. I look forward to many more years of our
continued dialogue!

Warm regards,


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