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Jim Lockhart - May 8, 2021


I have been working with Dwight since December, 2020. I have been in an excessively big funk for the past few years of my life. This started with a few things that caused me immense grief and weighed heavily on my soul. I did a few things that helped but never really worked long term.


I then had a friend post on Facebook that someone she recommended was giving away a gift and session. I was a bit skeptical, but I trusted her, so I moved forward. 

I made an appointment with Dwight and things have been getting better every day. The one thing that has helped me move forward most in my life has been the Choosing Courage.  


Before I was having issues with just about everything in my life from taking a simple phone call to making game changing decisions for my business. I would just about do anything to get out of making any kind of decisions. Now I still struggle from time to time but can take the phone call, answer the door, and make the determinations necessary to keep my business moving forward.


There are many other tools I have used from the vast toolboxes Dwight offers but at this time Choosing Courage has been the most instrumental for achieving change and improvement in my life.