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My Smokey

is selfish


She is selfish and I am selfish

And we have the perfect relationship.

Sometimes I want to be with her. I will touch her or pick her up. Maybe she accepts for a little bit and then walks away. She might insist on leaving immediately. Or maybe she will stay with me much longer. She often purrs for me. I like that.

I can rely on her accepting me when she wants to and rejecting me when she likes. I prefer if she accepts me, but I don't feel bad if she rejects me. Who would want someone to be with them if they didn't want to be with them?

Sometimes she wants to be with me. She knows how to let me know that. If I'm in the mood, I will hold her, pet her, or play with her. If not, I will ignore her or push her away. She never seems to feel rejected when I push her away. She accepts and maybe comes back later and tries again.

We have the perfect relationship in which our selfishnesses dovetail when they do and we respect when they don't.

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