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Oneself and Your-Oneself, each always capitalized (cf. Others)

Oneself denotes that part of each of us whose job and interest is to take care of ourselves and our own self-interests (Selfish), as well as to express ourselves freely and authentically (Express). Whenever wanting to indicate more specifically the Oneself as that part of yourself or that part of another person, you can denote that part more clearly by using that person’s name in the word construction, as an example, Dwight-Oneself, denoting my Oneself.

Your-Oneself is used to denote your Oneself, as distinct from anyone else's Oneself and from the Oneself that refers to everyone's Oneself.

Oneself can be further divided into Selfish and Express.

Usage example: His Oneself just wanted to listen to his own heart and let it lead him.

For a fuller description of Oneself and its relationship to Others, go to Oneself and Others.

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