Selfish and Your-Selfish, always capitalized (cf. Service)

Selfish denotes that part of each of us whose job and interest is to take care of ourselves, to ensure that we are taking care of our own self-interests. Oneself has two subparts, Selfish and Express. Whereas Selfish focuses on ensuring that our own self-interests are handled, Express focuses on fulfilling the desire to express ourselves without reserve, self-consciousness, or self-censorship. It's related to our desire to be authentic.


Selfish can often find himself or herself in conflict with Service, that part of us whose job is to take care of the self-interests of others. Express, in contrast, often goes up against Emage, who wants to look good to others and have a feeling of belonging.

Usage: His Service felt compassion for their suffering and wanted to do something about it. Yet his Selfish was worried about his tendency to put others ahead of himself.

See Selfish-Service Integrity.