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Pattern of extremism-1964
Some of the posting (like this one) within "Chronicles of my Crooked Life" did not occur within a specific year of my life. With little justification I chose a random year for posting these.

Pattern of extremism


Although I’ve mellowed a bit as I’ve grown older, I have a way of thinking that goes like this, “If x is good, then more x must be better.” I am not one to be guided by the quote from the Greek poet Hesiod, “moderation is best in all things.”


Here are five areas in which I am/have been an “extremist”



My first two cars were King Midgets. A used one in the summer of 1964 (it cost $100) and a new one in 1969 (it cost about $1450). Then later, when I lived in Arizona in 1989, I bought a used 1972 Oldsmobile, the largest regular passenger car ever made in America. Here’s what the King Midget looks like:



Most would consider me, a libertarian, to be a political extremist. Libertarians lean toward supporting the maximum governmental freedoms. For example, they will outdo the progressives, not just by supporting gay marriage, but claiming that everyone should have the freedom to marry zero, one, or more other persons, of whatever sex.


On the other hand, most conservatives, who tend to support more economic freedom, will be left in the dust by the libertarians who will urge their government to unilaterally remove all tariffs as well as any visa requirements or other immigration restrictions.

A stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet

I am extremely friendly, taking the world and others as my playground and playmates. To wit, here in China I've held several hundreds of soirees in my home, turning over 2000 strangers into friends.

At 14 years old, I decided to lead an eclectic life

I am overly eclectic. I am eclectic in the types of women I am attracted to. I am eclectic in the books I read. I am eclectic in the types of problems I like to have fun with. I am eclectic in how I dress. I am eclectic in how I cook (never used a recipe in my life). I am eclectic in how I decorate my home, like a “fantasy, children’s play land.” I am eclectic in the way I am writing and presenting this autobiography.



Many would say I’m extremely hubristic because of my goal to live with vitality and energy for at least another 99 years. Currently I take over 37 supplements everyday. I eat 99% unprocessed, whole-plant vegan. On July 18th, 2115, I’ve got a party planned to celebrate my 171st birthday with friends (those that are still alive).


Another way I'm hubristic that is that I think my breakthrough ideas of ethics have a chance to make me the "Newton and Einstein of the New Ethics."

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