Personalize your own "Holy Cats"

Choose your own best words that fit you better than "Holy cats and jeepers creepers"

Undoing fear is the most important tool in your living-the-best-life toolbox. As such, it makes sense to take a few moments to make it better than it already personalizing it for you. 

Before continuing with this link, make sure you have read and understand the undoing fear process. This link will only make sense if you have already done that.

When I first teach others this life tool, I instruct them to speak the words, "Holy cats and jeepers creepers, I am so scared that X" in slow, loud, wacky silly voice, with saying what they are scared about in place of the X.

In order for this process to have the best and quickest effect on you, the "wacky, silly" part is quite important. Creating and experiencing this expression as super silly and wacky gives it the best chance of helping you to empower you regarding the presenting fear.

To this end, consider choosing a personalized phrase to use instead of "Holy cats and jeepers creepers." The new one, however, must pass the litmus tests as occurring to you as more silly and wacky than the default "Holy cats..." Hear the new words you're trying on from the ears of the three-year-old you to help you select the most silly and wacky phase possible.

"Holy shit and what the hell"

"Cockwaffles and giggle-shits"

One 14:24 user of this site, found the words, "Holy shit and what the hell" worked wonders for him.

Remember this is your own private expression. If needed, choose courage to move through any fear of how you think the phrase you are considering may occur to others (even though you will only use it privately).

Use this list of words and phrases to assist you in putting together your own best expression


These are just one sample of words and phrases that could be used. Create your own and/or use Google to explore other options. Once you've composed the new phrase, customized for you, then every time you do the undoing fear process, substitute your own unique phrase for the default "Holy cats and jeepers creepers." Example: the 14:24 user above would use the words, "Holy shit and what the hell, I'm so scared that I'm going to lose this client." Another user found that "Cockwaffles and giggle-shits" made the process easier and gave it more oomph.

Warning before reading further: this list is X-rated, R-rated, whatever. The words are roughly ordered from innocent, then becoming more indecent. 

  • Golly

  • Gee

  • As I live and breathe

  • By God

  • By Jove

  • By gum

  • Cripes

  • Gosh

  • Crumbs

  • Bless my soul

  • For the love of God

  • Doggone

  • Gee whiz

  • Dang it

  • Hell's bells

  • Ye gods

  • Yikes

  • Heaven help me

  • Lo and behold

  • Kick the bucket

  • No kidding

  • Set the world on fire

  • I'll be blowed

  • Speak of the devil

  • I'll be damned

  • Shut the front door

  • That beat's everything

  • Wonders never cease

  • By the hammer of Thor

  • Get away with murder

  • Break a leg

  • At the end of my rope

  • Shoot myself in the foot

  • Blow up in my face

  • Leading the charge

  • Gunning for trouble

  • Son of a gun

  • Drop dead gorgeous

  • Going ballistic

  • Rally the troops

  • Join the battle

  • Locked and loaded

  • Shooting blind

  • Ride shotgun

  • Clutch your pearls

  • Heaven's above

  • I'll be a monkey's uncle

  • I'll be jiggered

  • Holy pretzel

  • Lord god almighty

  • I'll be jitterbugged

  • Stiffen the wombats

  • Gosh all fiddlesticks

  • Doing a Meg Ryan

  • Preheat the oven

  • Bearded clam

  • Douchnozzle

  • Shitgibbon

  • Fuckaduck

  • Play with my monster

  • Jerk off

  • Celebrating Palm Sunday

  • Pump the monkey

  • Choke the chicken

  • Frog the log

  • Bite your arse

  • Sheep shagging

  • A bitch on heat

  • Cockwaffle

  • Douchebag

  • Twatwaffle

  • Holy excrement

  • Fucktrumpet

  • Fuck it all

  • Pisswizard

  • Fucktangular

  • Shitgibbon

  • Dickladle

  • Shitwaffle

  • Wankhammer

  • Arsebasket

  • Motherfucker

  • Dickhead

  • Prick bastard

  • Holy fucking titties

  • Jesus Christ

  • God fucking damn it

  • Arse licker

  • Fur burger

  • Mad rooter

  • On the rags

  • Randy dandy

  • Bugger off

  • Butthole

  • Shithole

  • Rat face

  • Freaking A

  • Son of a bitch

  • Kick-ass

  • Dumb-ass

  • Shit storm

  • Cock diesel

  • Screw fest

  • Scumbag

  • Ball breaker

  • Humping and screwing

  • Fuck off

  • Piss off

  • Bugger off

  • Shag police

  • Bloody hell

  • Wanker

  • Tosser

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