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Do you know what my job is?
My job is to make people both deeply excited about and absolutely in love with the living of their life (if they will let me)...

The value of superstition...
A superstition is an expectation validated by culture and tradition.
And, unlike other types of expectations which are more localized, you are unlikely to be disappointed in a superstition since you, as the person holding the superstition, are unlikely to go out of your way to test the superstition (since you think that would be crazy because you don't believe it is possibly a superstition).

My daily energy/nutrition shot...
Everyday I drink a cup of a blended superpower...
I felt the difference from the first day I started eating/drinking it.
Here is the recipe for two cups, blended together with a little water:
100g kale, 100g spinach, 50g black sesame seeds, 25g hemp hearts, 25g sunflower seeds, 25g peanuts (soaked), 25g carrots, 25g cherry tomatoes — FOR TWO CUPS (416 calories/cup)
The first five ingredients are the most important.

Here's how I handle my health insurance:
1) I keep my credit cards paid off so that I always have over $50,000 in credit in case I might need it for some emergency health situation that I haven't otherwise prevented.
2) I spend my health insurance money on supplements and eating the best possible way (unprocessed, low-starch vegan) and exercise, which means I am almost guaranteed that I will never get cancer, atherosclerosis (strokes or heart attacks), or diabetes, as well as a host of other diet-related diseases.
3) I always wear a seat-belt and never ride on a motorbike.
This way is 100 times cheaper than regular health insurance, plus it keeps me healthy instead of trying to patch me up after I have become unhealthy (which is what regular health insurance does). Health insurance is not health insurance: it's "patch me up insurance" after I have lost my health.

So different; So the same
The differences, the contrasts, the diversities among humans are enormous and often unfathomable.
And, yet, when you consider the level of the soul, the only difference that I can tell between your soul and my soul is that your soul resides in your body and mind, whereas my sour resides within my body and mind.

When you can really get your powerlessness in a situation, it's amazingly peaceful.
For example, when I am driving a car, I don't feel especially peaceful (nor should I...LOL).
In contrast, when I am a passenger in an airplane, I am completely at peace since I know that I have no power in determining whether or not we crash.

The biggest gift a parent can give...
My mother loved me...she showed respect to me.
These were amazing gifts...but there was one other gift that was bigger than either one of these.
It was not a direct gift to was something she did for herself...her own happiness (that was not dependent on us kids).
She was always an example to me that happiness was possible in this world. Are you giving the gift of your own happiness to your children?

For every type of choice in life, there are thousands of different roads. Yet few of us examine many of these other roads (roads that might serve us better than the "roads more traveled."
Here are a few of the less traveled roads I have taken in my life (and am very happy I did):
I decided (at age 12) to never have children.
I quit college.
I insisted on finding a job I loved (over making a lot of money).
I found the best city in the world to live in and moved there permanently.
I work for myself.
I put lifestyle first above everything else.
I visit with about 15 strangers every week over 4-5 evenings.
Are you taking some roads less traveled?

My mother's goodbye song...
In the evening of Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 my mother died. On that day, she held two parties with her friends in her home. She showed no signs of nearing death. My sister talked with her on the telephone that day. And she wanted to die. She was 90 years old.
After my brother found her former body the next day and it was removed, her house was locked up for almost five years (my sister, who lives in Australia, inherited the house).
Recently my sister sold the house and she and her husband returned to Tennessee (in the USA) to remove any sentimental items from my mother's home. She and her husband found an old 78-rpm phonograph record player that my mother used to listen to country songs. All the records were put away except one that still lay out gathering dust over five years. They were able to play that record, the last song that my mother listened to before she decided to die that night (she was a nurse and had the knowledge and means to help herself die). Both my sister and I consider the lyrics on that record to be the "goodbye note" that my mother left for us. I cry with a deep love for my mother every time I read the lyrics to this song. I am very admiring of my mother that she chose the courage to help herself die. She is always with me now. I share those lyrics with you now (from "The Best I Know How" by the Statler Brothers):
There are rumors goin' 'round about you and me
And you know things can't always stay the way they should be
What I'm trying to say as I kiss you right now
Is I've loved you the best I know how
I gave it all that I have to give and I can't take any more
What I'm trying to show you in the way that I hold you
Is I've loved you the best I know how
I can't make a promise and I won't tell you lies
I wish I could give you what I've seen in your eyes
Please don't feel badly 'cause I've got to leave now
But I've loved you the best I know how
I gave it all that I have to give and I can't take any more
What I'm trying to show you in the way that I hold you
Is I've loved you the best I know how
And Lord knows I miss you, I'd never forget you
And I've loved you the best I know how
I've always loved you the best I know how
Both my sister and I feel like the luckiest people in the world for having the mother that we were both blessed with.

Heidi (my personal assistant and good friend) and I play a little "game" recently. Whenever we say "goodbye" to each other (either for a few hours when I take a nap or until the next day), we speak a little rhyme to each other, back and forth (me with the first and third lines and her with the second and fourth).
It's a lot of fun.
See you later, alligator
After a while, crocodile
You're a saker and crusader
With my style, so versatile

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