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Do you have unhealth insurance?
Accident insurance is something you pay for to help you with the bills in case you're in an accident, right?
So unhealth insurance would be something you pay for to help you with the bills in case you're unhealthy, right?
But we don't call it that. We all it "health insurance" which is the exact opposite of what it is.

When searching for the meaning of life or when a feeling that life is meaningless arises, it is always fueled by a broken relationship between my-now and my-next. My-now is the you that just wants to feel good now and avoid feeling bad now. My-next is the you that wants to have an attractive future. The most fundamental issue of humanity is how these two different you's can both win. If m-next is either not taking action to create an attractive future or is not showing respect and consideration for what my-now wants, then the "meaning" or "meaningless" issue with arise. However, whenever there is alignment between my-now and my-next (they are both happy), then life occurs as naturally meaningful.

Stress results from resisted fear...make friends with the fear...and the stress disappears...Just three steps done all at the same time (11 times): 1) very deep breaths all the way down into your belly, 2) Speak, "Booooyyyyy! I am so scared that ..." (whatever you're frightened will happen or won't happen), 3) Shout loudly in a silly, Donald-Duck voice.
That's it. So simple. So effective. But you have to do it.

What is the price of the "yes's"?
If I buy an apple, I am so happy that I am willing to pay the price of the apple. What a great deal! To get the apple I need to pay the price. The same applies to getting yes's (people saying "yes" to you). The price of getting yes's is getting some no's. In order to get the yes's, you need to pay the price of getting the no's. Therefore, begin to experience "paying the no's" as an expression of getting the yes's, just as paying the money for the apple is an expression of getting the apple.

Very often trying to reduce creates bigger risks
The parents warn their children with "stranger danger"...and the child grows up as timid and unassertive in taking on making new friends and getting a new job. We don't want take the risk of being rejected, so we don't ask for what we want. We don't want to take the risk of our friend being upset, so we don't let them know what we're feeling. Feeling safe can often create much bigger risks in our lives.

China and America are in "name only"...
China is known as a "Communist Country." America is known as a "Capitalistic Country." The opposite is becoming true. In many important ways China is now more capitalistic than is America. And America is more communistic (socialistic) than is China. That is why China is quickly catching up with (and, in many ways has already surpassed America) and America has fallen behind.

How every relationship can be good...
Yes, I will do whatever I can (and am willing to do) to have a good relationship with others. And, sometimes, a good relationship with some people is no relationship at all (or a limited relationship).

I feel sorry for rich kids...
Rich kids can easily become spoiled and ungrateful. I was poor when I was growing up. I consider this a blessing. First, I am so so grateful today, feeling so so rich in comparison to what I had as a kid. Secondly, growing up, if I wanted anything extra, I enjoyed earning money (which my parents gave me a chance to do) to buy what I wanted. So I never developed any sense of entitlement, which can easily occur for rich kids.

"Maybe" is a dangerous word...
"Maybe I will exercise tomorrow..." Using the word "maybe" gives away your power. Say either, "Yes, I will exercise tomorrow and I will put in place now whatever is necessary to make sure that happens." Or, "No, I will not exercise tomorrow." Speaking either "yes" or "no" retains your power and integrity. And, it can often be a choice of courage to clearly say "yes" or "no." . We avoid choosing courage by saying "maybe."

Why Nepal is poor...
The #1 factor that contributes to the wealth/poorness of a country is the extent to which the government interferes with free exchange. The Nepalese government is very big on "protecting" local producers, thereby screwing the customer by enforcing high import taxes. For example, the import tax on cars into Nepal is 270%. I also notice they have very little variety on fruit and the fruit they have costs much more than in China...which I think is a result of import duties.

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