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All stress is resisted fear...
Most "how to handle stress" solutions don't address the original source of stress. They give ways to reduce the stress AFTER it has been created.
But the BEST way to handle stress is to develop the habit of consisting making friends with your fear (un-resisting it). This way the stress never develops in the first place.
I have no stress in my life.

Interesting benefits of Hinduism...
Hinduism has thousands of Gods to choose from, both male and femaie. So, you can choose to worship the one you can most relate to. In Hinduism there are no bad Gods or spirits (as there are in Christianity). Also, it seems as if the Gods will not punish you if you don't worship them. They will just reward you if you do.

Quite often I find that the most vociferous advocates for a democratic government are, at the same time, strongly adverse to allowing individual citizens to vote freely with their pocketbook (for example, by allowing free trade).

One creative insight can be worth more than a million man-years of work...or more...

Selfishness breeds kindness...
If I accept that my #1 to take care of myself and, at the same time, accept that everyone else's #1 job is to take care of themselves, then I will do my best to make sure my selfishness and the selfishness of others flows together (win-win). I can easily be kind and even generous to others because I know that I will keep the necessary boundaries to take care of myself and I can discover many ways my selfishness can contribute to others.

Resisted fear = distorted facts...
When you resist your fear (which is almost always), you distort any facts that may be involved. For example, worry (one type of resisted fear), most often distorts the likelihood that something will happen and also projects your inability to deal well with the situation, should it arise.

Culture can be both our worst enemy and our biggest benefactor. Considering culture as an enemy, a Chinese friend (28 years old) just told me that she wants to get married to please her 78-year-old grandmother before her grandmother dies; otherwise she would not get married. In the Chinese culture a woman of her age who refuses to get married to "please the family" is considered a "bad girl." Another USA example is our attitude of "stranger danger" instead of "a stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet." Yet culture can be an amazing benefactor: in most adult cultures of the world there is a strong taboo against initiating personal violence (in contrast, in the subculture of young boys I grew up with in rural South Carolina, initiating violence against others boys was a common practice).

I never try to improve (myself)...
I will enjoy having fun making some changes here and there in my life. So, if you watch me, you may think of me as "improving." But I never think of these intentions as "trying to improve myself." I am good enough already.

Almost all young Chinese want to "travel around the world"...
Very few young Americans would put this as their #1 dream. Yet, it is pervasive here in China. I speculate that it is because these young Chinese have mostly followed the "straight and narrow" life handed down to them by their parents and society and, consequently, they are yearning for "traveling around the world," which they imagine as free and adventurous in comparison to what they have done all their life (which would be true).

The No's come with the Yes's. If you are unwilling to risk getting a No, then you are unwilling to risk getting a Yes. The No's pay for the Yes's.
Also, if you're curious, you can learn a lot from the No's.

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