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Marriage can be simple...
Only you need to do is...
1) Let go of all expectations...
2) Do what you're able and willing to do to make the marriage great...
3) Be clear about your minimum conditions of satisfaction and choose courage to divorce if they are not being met (and unlikely to be met)...

Sometimes wisdom can come with age. In China, however, from a purely statistical point of view, I would be luckier to bet on a younger person (say, in their 20s) being wiser than an older person (say 40 or older) being wiser.

How curious are you about questioning what you think you already know?
"It's hard to get a job."
"Life is hard."
"People are unfair."
"He meant to hurt me."
Be careful of what you think you know.
It will keep you in a cage.

Although there is some correlation between more democracy equaling more freedom among the countries of the world, it is not necessarily so. For example, from what I can tell, it could be argued that Chinese (who live in a non-democratic country) have more freedom than do Russians and Indians (who live in democratic countries).

I have given into "customer" demand...
I used to cook healthy vegan food for my regular evening guests.
But I noticed that they didn't eat very much.
So now I have joined the junk food purveyors by serving steamed pork dumplings.
My guests eat these up eagerly.

I was interviewed on the Ultralife radio show by Adam Tageldin.
I think he did a good job of asking questions.
Enjoy this 30-minute interview:…/ultralifeshowcom-with-specia…

Whenever you think others should be different than the way they are, you are fighting with reality.
When you fight with reality, you lose.
And you become a victim of your own thinking that others should be different than the way they are.
You are never a victim of others (only of yourself).

My mother gave me love...not so uncommon for mother's to give their give their children.
But almost more important than love, as a child, I always felt the respect that my mother gave to me. It's not so common for parents to consistently show respect to their children.

My mother, the philosopher...
I remember many things my mother said, because she said them often. I am grateful for these early "lessons" in philosophy.
“Act the way you want to be, and soon you’ll be the way you act.”
“People residing in glass houses should refrain from throwing hard obstacles.” (It took me a while to understand this one).
“It’s the purpose of teenagers to rebel.”
“Children should be seen and heard.”
“When parents say to their children, ‘Act your age,’ they don’t see that the children are acting their age.”
“We’re all here to leave the world a little bit better place than we found it.”
“The world doesn’t owe us a living.”
“Don’t be an iconoclast.” (I was rather argumentative as a child and young teenager).
“Politeness is the grease that helps us get along better.”
“You can be dead right or dead wrong. But both ways you’re dead,” (usually spoken with regard to driving a car).
“Remember, there’s over a million dollars in this car,” (emphasizing love for us and the need for safety when we went driving).
“I am captain of my fate, I am the master of my soul; and I thank what Gods may be for my unconquerable soul.”
“To thine own self be true, and it must follow as night follows day, thou then cannot be false to any man.”
“Let us then be up and doing with a heart for any fate; still achieving, still pursuing, learn to labor and to wait.”
“Oh joy! Oh rapture! Unforeseen!”
“When the sun in the morning peeps over the hill and kisses the roses on my windowsill…” (singing).
“Whatever things are lovely, think on these things.”
“A person is about as happy as they make up their mind to be.”
“People make their own good luck.”
“Wherever you go, you can find friends.”
“By and large, people are decent.”

Fear is not the problem...
Unresisted fears give us energy and confidence.
It is resisted fears (worry, anxiety, shyness, and so on) that are the problem. Learn to un-resist and make friends with you fear and your life will soar with energy and confidence.

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