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The wealth of health

Whether you're going for ninety-nine more vital, healthy years like I am or you just want to stay healthy and energetic for some period of time less than that, you might want to consider taking the appropriate supplements. In general, I'm not talking about the undistinguished multi-vitamin/mineral tablet. I see most of those as being of quite limited in value.

What's my confidence level on the value of the supplements I take

In the following video, I share with you the details of my daily supplement routine. I've vetted each of the supplements I'm taking and I have strong reason to believe, most assuredly as a group, that they're making a significant difference in my vitality, energy, health, and longevity. I don't have that same high level of confidence for each supplement considered separately, even though I've decided that the cost and time of each is more than worth the probable benefits.

Costs of eating and supplementing for health

At 76 years old (April, 2021), I am the healthiest person of my age that I personally know of. Yet I spend almost zilch on medical and dental expenses. As 99% vegan, my food bills are less than non-vegans. In total, all my supplements together cost me about $10 per day. The most expensive supplement is NMN, a longevity supplement (as contrasted to an anti-disease supplement). It costs me about $2 per day.

Enjoy the video!

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