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ADH Trim Tab

The ADH Trim Tab is a walk-in-the-park, easily learnable daily planning routine centered around the Perfect Plan. It's implementation and daily practice ensures a fundamental life shift from the old, culturally-approved habit of prioritizing results over process orientation into a loving-the-journey over the results way of being. This happens in a way that we still get results, often better and more than before. The ADH Trim Tab is the master key that, when used consistently, disappears worry, pressure, stress, overwhelm, along with any thoughts or feelings of "I need more time, I didn't get enough done, there is so much to catch up on." Instead, each day brings a renewed feeling and excitement about all the great things you're enjoying doing along with the satisfaction of almost always being able to say at the end of the day, "I got everything done, plus some!"

The ADH Trim Tab is not about time management. Although part of the process includes the quantification of time, it's primarily focused on process and choice management. When you focus on these first, time takes care of itself.

Bespeaking the Trim Tab of Your Life answers all your questions in order to make the best and consistent use of the ADH Trim Tab and the Perfect Plan.

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