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Bufferitus is pandemic

Bufferitus is spreading everywhere...even with batteries going dead on people's mobile phones

Bufferitus can attack many areas of your life. The two most common forms are with time and with money.

Bufferitus with time: do any of these apply to you?


Do you consistently underestimate how long tasks will take? Do you over promise to others?  Do you over promise to yourself?  Do you neglect to build in buffer time for the unexpected?  Do you keep taking on one more thing that you want to do, need to do, or have to do?  Do you avoid quitting things you need to quit? Do you avoid saying "no" to others when you need to say "no"? Do you avoid keeping good boundaries with others so that your time could remain manageable? Do you live in a fantasy world that you can somehow add one more thing to your plate?

Bufferitus with money: do any of these apply to you?

Your monthly outgo is either less than your monthly income or it's always on the edge. Or you keep it on the edge by increasing your spending whenever your income is more. You've boxed yourself in with some high fixed expenses that are "golden handcuffs," taking away any flexibility to make choices that might reduce your income. You pay penalties for lack of buffer with monthly interest charges or late charges. If an unexpected expense arises, can you handle it easily? If an unexpected opportunity to buy something arises, can you make that purchase with no sweat?

Bufferitus with health: do any of these apply to you?

Are you consistently eating for health (at least 95% unprocessed vegan)? Are you malnourished because you're missing all those micronutrients you would get if you did eat that way and you thereby compromise your immune system?  Are you exercising regularly? Are you sitting down too much and not moving around enough? Are you getting adequate rest and taking needed naps? Are you getting checked regularly to catch any possible health problems near the beginning so that you can address them early with preventative measures, rather than later with medication or operations? Are you ensuring that you're consistently undoing your fear to prevent or undo any stress or worry?

Bufferitus with your memory: do any of these apply to you?

Have you broken the habit of lying to yourself by believing the thought, "I'm sure I'll remember that again later when I need to," but instead you write it down immediately in a way that you'll see it later at the needed time? Do you have systems in place that you use rigorously so that things don't fall through the cracks? How often do you forget to pay a bill on time? How often do you forget to return a call? How often do you forget to reply to a message? How often do you forget someone's birthday? How often do you forget to express appreciation to someone? How often do you forget to hold your tongue when you should? How often do you forget to buy something at the time that you need to buy it? How often do you forget to remind someone else of something they said they would do for you when they don't do it as agreed? How often do you forget to look at a needed checklist? Are you running a water-tight ship?

Bufferitus with relationships: do any of these apply to you?

Do you consistently take care of yourself in any and all of your relationships? Do you let irritations or resentments with others build up, either because of resisted fear or wanting to be the "good guy"? If you're aware of something off in a relationship with another, do you address it sooner rather than later? Do you overly rely on one person to give you what you need in life? Do you allow yourself to put your relationships in danger by indulging in expectations. Are you consistently underpromising to others? Do you consistently keep your promises with others, or if you can't, let them know about it right away? Do you have plenty of buffer in your reputation with others? Do you allow yourself to feel guilty regarding others? 

Bufferitus with the amount of battery power on your mobile phone: does this apply to you?!

What's shocking to me is that so many don't maintain adequate buffer power on their mobile phone. Especially since the use of their mobile is so important and it's also easy to do. 

For myself, my rule is to never let the battery go lower than 30%. In reality, it rarely gets below 50%. I always set it up to recharge every night. Even, on occasion, if I know I'm going to be away from plug-in power sources for a while, I'll have my portable power pack with me, if needed.

How severe are you infected with bufferitus?

Bufferitus infecting time?

Bufferitus infecting money?

Bufferitus infecting health?

Bufferitus infecting memory?

Bufferitus infecting relationships?

Bufferitus infecting the level of power on your mobile phone?

The NNI toolkit and the OOI toolkit contain the "medicines" to end these infections and prevent them from coming back.  Putting the process first is most fundamentally the method by which we can cure our own chronic infection of bufferitis. 

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