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April 14, 2022

Will the third time be the charm?

Columbian Monomania-Episode 8

Third time's the charm

My second attempt to fly to Colombia, which I told you about before failed. I won’t be arriving this Friday the 15th. I won’t tell you the details of the problems.

Although I still cannot guarantee success, I think this third plan will finally get me there. We sometimes say, “The third time is the charm."

The (third) new flight plan

Depart Kunming, China at 17:40 on Thursday, April 21st

Arrive Guangzhou, China at 19:50 

Depart Guangzhou, China at 21:30

Arrive Los Angeles, United States at 19:40 Thursday, April 21st

Depart Los Angeles, United States at 22:03

Arrive Miami, United States at 6:02 Friday, April 22nd

Depart Miami, United States at 10:33 

Arrive Medellin, Colombia at 13:10 

0colo0414 copy.png

Other advantages of this plan

  • The first flight plan took 84 hours. The second one was 44 hours. This one is only 30 hours!

  • The COVID-19 booster just became available for ex-pats in China. I will be getting mine today. I am not so much getting it for COVID immunity but more for possibly helping with ease of travel. If I had been able to follow my second plan, I would not have had access to get this booster.

Planning my move to Colombia

Even though I could unexpectedly discover a deal-breaker in my plan to move to Colombia, I am moving ahead with that intention, "Colombia, here I come!" 

One issue was to ship (by the slow boat to Colombia: it takes 70 days) my 1880s music box and some other historical papers I don't want to leave behind. I calculated the minimum of about seven boxes (30x38x54 cm). You can get a sense of the size of one of these boxes from the photo below. It turns out I can ship one cubic meter door-to-door for less than $1900 USD (that's within my budget). I can fit 16 of these boxes inside one cubic meter. So I'll be able to ship more than just the essentials.



Some interesting stats

Of the 50 million residents of Colombia, almost 6% are ex-pats. Here's a breakdown of the top ones:

  • 2,000,000 Venezuela

  • 800,000    United States

  • 368,000    Spain

  • 192,000     Ecuador

  • 121,000      Chile

  • 75,000       Canada

  • 2,176          China


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