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Your Now wants:              


Eating for pleasure and comfort            


Avoiding the discomfort and inconvenience of exercise                                   

Enjoying cigarettes; avoiding discomfort of not smoking                   


Enjoying alcohol; avoiding the discomfort of not drinking       


Getting pain relief from drugs                                                         

Enjoying drugs (so many to choose from!)   



Borrowing money to buy now       


Staying in bed a little later in the morning                                   

Doing the day spontaneously       


Avoiding promises to yourself or others                                                      

Letting things flow; playing it by ear                                                       

Canceling or ignoring promises                                

Expressing anger and blame when hurt     

Withdrawing/not communicating with another when feeling pressured       

Staying in bed longer in the middle of the night when needing to pee   


Postponing the task until tomorrow                                            

Postponing the exercise until tomorrow 

Returning the call tomorrow 

Neatening up sometime later

Thinking you'll remember it again later 

Having freedom to do whatever 

Avoiding or eliminating fear 

Avoiding current pain 

Getting current comfort and pleasure 

Doing something more leisurely 

Doing something “good enough” 

Watching some more TV 

Taking an afternoon nap 

Following the curiosity of the moment 

Taking things as an adventure 

Doing what’s fun and easy 

Being lighthearted about things 

Expressing yourself spontaneously and freely 

Giving up; quitting 

Just hanging out in life 

Just living an easy life

Going along with the group 

Not checking on messages and reminders  

Rebellious, stubborn, and resistant to your Next

Withdrawing from communication  

Playing games on your mobile or computer  


To create and maintain

Now-Next Integrity,

go to the NNI Toolkit.

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Your Next wants:

Eating for health, energy, and longevity

Exercising for health, energy, and longevity

Being a non-smoker for health and longevity

Drinking lightly or being a non-drinker     



Avoiding addiction and fuzziness from drugs                                                         

Avoiding health damage/addiction; saving money, staying out of jail


Saving money; avoiding or paying off debt                                   

Getting up on time and starting the day                                   

Planning the day and following the plan                  

Making promises to yourself and others                    

Creating structures and using them                                                 

Remembering and keeping promises                               

Considering the relationship and holding your tongue          

Keeping the communication going


Getting up immediately when needing to pee


Doing the task today   


Exercising today


Returning the call today


Putting the item in the right place now when you notice it


Writing it down now to ensure it is not forgotten

Having structure to get results

Feeling the fear and choosing courage

Thinking, “no pain, no gain”

Getting future comfort and pleasure

Doing something efficiently

Doing something with excellence


Turning in and getting to bed on time

Pushing on and getting more done

Staying focused with blinders on


Fixing the goddamn problem


Doing what you should and need to do


Being serious about things


Thinking before speaking or expressing

Keeping going; persistence

Going for the moon

Contributing to the others in a big way

Thinking for yourself and going your own way

Checking regularly on messages and reminders

Blaming, pushing, and ignoring your Now


Choosing courage to keep communicating

Doing something productive

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