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Hard (something is hard)

To experience something as hard or difficult is only possible when an internal conflict is present:

  • "I should get this finished, but I really want to take a nap." (this is a Now-Next Integrity issue)

  • "I want my friends to include me in their group, but I don't think they'll like it if I tell them how I'm feeling about what we're doing." (this is an Express-Emage Integrity issue)

  • "I should help my friend out with a loan, but I'm could be stretching myself too much." (this is a Selfish-Service Integrity issue)

The experience of something "being hard" is a red flag that you're out of integrity in one or more of the three domains of integrity:

Nothing is hard unless we have an internal conflict about it

To the extent that we don't create and maintain integrity, we will experience things as hard or difficult. To the extent that we maintain integrity, life will be easy and fun

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