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Leslie Carruthers - June 23, 2013


A friend (and client of yours) introduced me to you and I am grateful. You and she are the best examples of a created life I know. Thank you for that example.


That is what I am committed to, a life created based on what I want, not what is predictable or expected or limited to what I have experienced or know. And it is on its way. Because of our work together I am bigger. I am able to face things, people and circumstances that in the past I cannot see that I would have taken on
powerfully. Your coaching is both pointed and gentle, and I now hear it in my head at least several times a week. Asa result I get myself out of upsets and make choices that are in line with my commitments and what I say I am up to. I am facing challenges that would have seemed unbearable in the past. Working with you works.

Professionally to date the biggest gift out of our work together is this new focus on my pride in my day to day choices (developing less attachment to the outcome and honoring myself for the process) in my being and doing. As a business Owner this shift from being self critical to honoring myself for my choices has made a difference in my day to day life. It is freeing and empowering.


Personally to date the biggest gift has been freedom and a new view of relationships and communication that is also freeing and empowering. Recently having completed a divorce, this has made a difference in my day to day life.

Thank you and I will continue to recommend you to peers and friends,

-Leslie Carruthers

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