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Paul McKinley - June 10, 2012


To whom it may concern:

I first met with Dwight at a Landmark Education seminar in Bangkok early 2012. He was the first person I sat next to that morning and he was instantly likable and interesting to talk to.


Afterwards I accepted Dwight's offer a "gift session" and from there decided to continue with his coaching program.


I have now been working together with Dwight for three months, during which Dwight has been helping me to progress past some blockages in my personal lite and to make progress with business ideas that I have been procrastinating on for years. Dwight has helped me to:put in place structure to make sure that I progress towards my goals.

Sometime before our calls, I give thought to what I would like to discuss, and while I trivialize what's been bothering me and wonder how on earth Dwight could help, I always come away with a clearer perspective on the situation, an action plan or other tools that will help. What amazes me is how no matter what the
situation, Dwight always seems to have a relevant anecdote from his own life that helps me to move forward, often with a smile, one step at a time.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Dwight for his help and support over recent month's, for sharing his numerous contacts, resources and experience, and for his continued help creating some structure in my otherwise chaotic life. I wish him the very best in whatever he chooses to do.

With kind regards and thanks,

Paul McKinley (An Englishman residing in Bali, Indonesia)

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