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Why a good woman has no friends

I know of this woman because she is the sister of a good Chinese friend

This woman is an accomplished doctor herself and her husband heads up a large hospital here in Kunming. My friend told me that her sister doesn't like to make friends because they always end up taking advantage of her.

Her position somewhat explains her predicament

As a doctor herself and the wife of an accomplished man, it's likely that others, her friends, would make requests of her that they might not make of other less prominent friends. 

Not knowing how to keep boundaries with others without defensiveness

But like many people, I learned that she doesn't know how to say "no" and take care of herself (and her relationships) when relating to others, at least outside her family. Consequently, she had to implement the "final solution" of having no friends.

Creating the attitude and ability to create mutually selfish relationships

Without this ability, relationships become either hard or non-existent.


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