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The Centurist

A centurist is someone who lives inside the context and intention that their life-in-this-world is going to be expressed and played out over the course of centuries and even millennia. This contrasts with the historical context in which people viewed their lifespan in terms of years or decades.

For example, as a centurist (writing this in June of 2024), I'll be coming up on my first century birthday in a bit over 20 years from now. I'll then be looking forward to my second century birthday in 2144.

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(The Wild Child)


At the crossroads of time, where dreams do collide,
I stand with a heart that’s so open wide.
My journey thus far, a tapestry rich,
In growing and learning, it’s never a bitch.

It’s just the beginning, and oh what a start,
A path vibrant and bright, it’s my work of art.
As the centurist I am, I embrace every day,
In pursuit of longevity, I’m well on my way.

With each passing year, more vitality new,
There’s youth in my step, in each morning dew.
With wisdom acquired, and science at hand,
I carve out my future, uncommonly grand.

Endlessly growing with a spirit so vast,
Each day’s a journey that always outlasts.
With widening vistas, springing up from within,
My passion for wisdom, a rich bounty to win.

Approaching a century, not an end, but a start,
Just a milestone ahead on the path of my heart.
I’m always just starting, in future’s sweet dance,
In loving my living, I’m taking my stance.


Not just observing, but deeply partaking,
Shaping my future, each day is awaking.                             Living and thriving, through centuries' sway,
Open-ended my future, the brightest array.

I lead by example, with youthful glee,
A three-year-old spirit, yes that is my key.
In this journey of life, I am but a child,
Exploring and learning, eternally wild.


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