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Turn around: Wrong way

^Wrong Way^

You must go >

>>>this way>>>

Have you been going the wrong way

on a one-way street all your life?

The following are indicators that you are (or may be)

going the wrong way on a one-way street.

Life works so much better

when you're going in the right direction.

The traffic control expert for life asks you the following questions to diagnose whether you're now moving in the right direction...or if you're still going the wrong way. Answer the questions and see what you think.

  • When you start each day, is it always a fresh start or do you feel you have to catch up on things?

  • When something doesn't go as planned or anticipated, do you quickly get complete and start from zero again?

  • When you notice all the things you could do/need to do, does it occur as an amazing buffet of options (or not)?

  • Do you feel badly about yourself or get discouraged if something doesn't go according to your plan or intention?

  • Are you still working towards that life that you really want?

  • Is time going by too fast or are you just getting started in life?

  • When you stop working on something temporarily, even though it's not finished, do you feel complete?

  • At the end of the day are you generally gratified about what you did do and what you did not do?

  • Do you very often think of yourself as lazy or that you're wasting time?

  • How often or rarely do you notice breakdowns or difficulties because you put too much on your plate or you over promised to yourself or others?

  • Do you often find yourself so busy that you can't easily make time for new things that you'd like to do?

  • How often do you feel that you need to or have to do whatever you are doing so that you're unable to listen to and follow your own heart?

  • Do you ever feel that others or someone else makes it impossible for you do what you really want to do?

  • When you're powerless in some situation, can you relax into that and be okay with that?

  • How often do you find that you're trying to prove something either to yourself or to others?

  • Are you still worrying about survival and getting certain results? Or are you clear that your life and other people in your life are just that amazing open space that you've been gifted for you to explore, create, and have fun with.

  • Whenever you decide to go for some result and make something different, do you set it up to ensure that you've already won once because you enjoyed the process and then, if you also get the result, you get "paid" twice?

  • Have you learned to notice and be grateful for the fact that, for every one thing that's not working as you would like, there are already thousands of things that are working just fine.

  • How often do you notice that what your Now wants can be more wise than what your Next thinks you should do?

  • How often are you wearing the glasses of that three-year-old child still inside you, where it's so natural and easy to see the world and others playfully, curiously, and adventurously, with no defense and nothing to prove?

  • How often do you notice an upset or disappointment because some intention or expectation was not met?

  • Whenever you feel fear, how quickly do you embrace its energy, using that energy for learning and for taking action to get what you want?

  • Whenever another seems upset with you, how quickly do you get curious about how they are seeing you and the situation?

  • Do you remain aware of the fact that how another responds to you (especially when you would prefer a different response) means nothing about you? It may mean something about how what you did or didn't do stimulated them, but that's still not really about you.

  • When others are speaking to you, how engaged are you in listening to them deeply?

  • How clear are you about the difference between listening and obeying?

  • To what extent do you remain aware of and act from the fact that the purpose of your life is to be happy and to enjoy the journey and that your #1 job is to take care of yourself?

  • Whenever something happens that you didn't want or intend, how quickly do you either find the gift in it or look for a way to create a gift out of it?

  • How often do you find yourself still responding to yourself and others from inside the HOGAB rather than responding from who you were before you started residing in that house?

  • How often do you remain aware of the fact that you are and always have been okay and, inside of that, you're having fun playing the game of creating many new things?

To what extent are you still going the wrong way down a one-way street?

Review and renew your new life directions by going to "Are you going the wrong way?"

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