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Five languages of love

What feels like an expression of love for one person may have little meaning for another. For example, my girlfriend's #1 love language is receiving gifts (from me). They don't have to be big gifts; she is touched by any gift that I put a little thought into. In contrast, gifts are the last on the list for me. Ho...hum...another gift. My #1 love language is touch. And my second is words of affirmation.

Here's quick summary of the five love languages, according to Gary Chapman:

  • receiving gifts

  • quality time

  • words of affirmation

  • acts of service (devotion)

  • and physical touch

These love languages are not mutually exclusive. What's important to know is their order of importance for the person you care about? 

Go to this link to find out the hierarchy of importance for both you and the person you care about.

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