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Life Force:

How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life & Those You Love

by Tony Robbins

After finishing this book in August of 2022, I wrote,


"Tony Robbins never writes a book. He writes a BOOK. This, his most recent, weighs in at 700-pages and is densely packed with goodies. Highly recommended."


My clippings below collapse a 700-page book into 17 pages, measured by using 12-point type in Microsoft Word.

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Here are the selections I made:


We forget how much cell phones used to cost. I actually had the first commercial model back in the 1980s, a Motorola that set me back $3,995—the equivalent of more than $10,000 today.1 It was more than a foot long and weighed nearly two pounds! The battery charged for six hours, and it only gave you thirty minutes of talk time. Today you can get the latest Apple iPhone for free with most cell service contracts—and it has one hundred times more computational power than the computer that took the Apollo 11 astronauts to the moon.


One of the central principles underpinning this book is that you need to function as the CEO of your own health. We can’t let anyone else determine our destiny, no matter how knowledgeable or caring they may be. Experts should be our coaches, but not our commanders.


Doctors can be sincere and sincerely wrong.


“The regenerative medicine revolution is upon us. Like iron and steel to the industrial revolution, like the microchip to the tech revolution, stem cells will be the driving force of this next revolution.” —CADE HILDRETH, founder of BioInformant, a stem cell industry research firm


“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” —PETER DRUCKER


Consider that optimal testosterone levels for a male can range widely from 250 to around 1,000 ng/dl (nanograms per deciliter). Here’s the problem: No one will tell you to seek out hormone replacement if you’re slightly above the base level of 250, but some men feel tired, listless, and lose their drive unless their levels are between 700 and 900 or higher. Tests to measure hormone levels and their impact on your life are essential to maintain strength along with optimal levels of mental and physical performance.


If there’s a heart attack looming in your future three, five, ten years down the road, this new AI-guided approach to CCTA—coronary CT angiography—called Cleerly can detect the warning signs so that you can take action to prevent it.


GRAIL arrived on the scene in the spring of 2021, and Fountain Life is one of the first places to offer this incredible test, which is part of its baseline testing for all members. Before GRAIL, it was possible to screen for just a few types of cancer, like breast, colon, cervical, prostate, and lung cancers. Prior to the GRAIL, we’ve been able to detect only 20 percent of cancers, which means that four of five cancers went undetected until they had grown and started causing trouble! Now as GRAIL is hitting the market, it has the potential to completely overhaul the field of cancer diagnostics. While GRAIL can search for more than 50 different types of cancer with a simple blood test, like any test it isn’t perfect.


Together, GRAIL and MRI full-body imaging can detect a complete spectrum of cancer at very early stages. And you know what that means, right? Early detection equals early treatment, less invasive treatments, and better survival rates overall.


A basic assessment of male hormonal health should include: total testosterone, free testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), estradiol (E2), sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).


Now again, all of this may sound a bit overwhelming, but in reality, you could do all these tests—the CCTA test for heart disease, the MRI and GRAIL test for cancer, and the blood tests for metals and hormones in a few hours.


AN NAD+ BOOSTER BEING TESTED BY THE US SPECIAL FORCES When it comes to boosting NAD+, there may be a new game in town in the next two or three years and it goes by the code name MIB-626. MIB-626 is a proprietary, synthetically manufactured molecule that is similar to, but not identical to NMN. It’s being developed and tested by a company called Metrobiotech that Peter and I have invested in. Historically, when measured, the most NMN has been able to boost NAD+ levels intracellularly has been 40 percent, but recent studies in humans show that fourteen days of dosing with MIB-626 can raise NAD+ levels by as much as 200 to 300 percent! “We’ve discovered a way to reverse vascular aging by boosting the presence of naturally occurring molecules in the body that augment the physiological response to exercise,” said senior study investigator David Sinclair.


(If you’re curious to know your own level of methylation and your epigenetic biological age, Sinclair’s team will soon be marketing a test based on a quick and painless cheek swab. It promises a turnaround time of just a few days and has a real cost of only a dollar.)


A “longevity dividend” translates to fewer and shorter hospital stays and far smaller medical bills. Over their last two years of life, according to the Centers for Disease Control, centenarians rack up just one-third of the healthcare expenses of people who die younger.


“The person who makes no mistakes is making the biggest mistake,” she says, “because they’re just standing still and doing nothing.”


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” —MARGARET MEAD


Here is the roadmap for the chapter ahead. We’ll be diving into what we consider the five key therapeutic areas that you can focus on, today, to increase your energy and vitality: 1. Peptides 2. Metformin 3. Hormone optimization therapy (HOT) 4. NAD+ precursors 5. Key nutraceuticals


TO REDUCE APPETITE, PROMOTE FAT LOSS, AND REBALANCE OUR METABOLISM: The peptide semaglutide (and other glucagon-like peptide-1 agonists) have aced four-year-plus clinical trials, with subjects routinely losing 15 percent of their body weight—or 30 pounds for someone weighing in at 200. Generally well-tolerated, with a terrific safety profile, GLP-1s can be game-changers when added to a healthy diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes. Occasional side effects: nausea, diarrhea, and flatulence. May not be suitable for individuals with a history of thyroid gland tumors. MOTS-c and Humanin are derived from the mitochondria, our cells’ power packs. Among other things, they may revitalize our carbohydrate and fat metabolism. This category of mitochondrial peptides is a potential wellspring of future innovation for longevity, healthspan, and peak performance! 


TO STRENGTHEN OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM AND COMBAT ITS AGE-RELATED DECLINE: The peptide thymosin alpha-1 (Zadaxin): As we age, our thymus gland gradually turns into fat tissue and stops producing the robust battalions of T cells that fight off infections or eliminate rogue cancer cells. If we had to choose a single peptide to help address immunological aging, according to Dr. Lopez, thymosin alpha-1 might be the one. TA-1 has proven its ability to stimulate the immune system in both animal and human studies.


TO BOOST SEXUAL AROUSAL AND SATISFACTION FOR BOTH WOMEN AND MEN: The peptide PT-141 (bremelanotide) binds to receptors in the brain that are believed to be a central nervous system “hub” for sexual arousal and libido. This peptide has also been tested in clinical trials as an intranasal spray and is FDA-approved for low sexual desire disorder in premenopausal women. Not recommended for those with uncontrolled hypertension or heart disease.


TO HEAL THE GUT, LIGAMENTS, TENDONS, AND SKIN: The peptide BPC-157 may promote speedier recovery from ligament tear reconstruction and rotator cuff tendon injuries. As we’ve already mentioned, this peptide has shown outstanding results in treating debilitating gut problems. I found that out firsthand after my bout with mercury poisoning, which does brutal things to the body. BPC-157 was one of the tools I used to help rebuild my gut, and it was extraordinarily effective. 5. TO INCREASE MUSCLE MASS, STRENGTHEN BONES, REVITALIZE SKIN, AND RESTORE YOUTHFUL METABOLISM: The two peptides sermorelin and tesamorelin mimic the action of growth hormone–releasing hormone (GHRH), a hotbed for new drug development. GHRHs stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete natural growth hormone. They’re a lot cheaper than synthetic human growth hormone (HGH)—and, unlike HGH, can be legally prescribed off-label. What’s the downside? If you take growth hormone or these peptides, you should be aware that growth hormone elevates levels of insulin-like growth factor-1, which has been shown in some studies to have “a modest association” with cancer risk.9 So it’s critical that you work closely with your physician to determine what options are best based on your symptoms, blood work, and careful monitoring.


TO REVIVE OUR SKIN AND RESTORE OUR HAIR: The peptide GHK-Cu is a topical foam that can be used daily to erase fine lines and wrinkles. It counteracts cosmetic aging by boosting collagen synthesis up to 70 percent.10 According to Dr. William Seeds, chairman of the International Pepti...


Melanotan I (Scenesse) darkens our skin by stimulating the production of melanin pigment production. Melanotan I is FDA-approved for treating skin damage in people with light intolerance, and may also help those struggling with mold toxicity. For the rest of us, it offers aesthetic benefits while protecting against damaging ultraviolet radiation. It also has some intriguing potential side benefits: reduced appetite, higher fat metabolism, and increased sex drive.


THERAPEUTIC #2: METFORMIN—THE LOW-RISK WONDER DRUG “Metformin may have already saved more people from cancer deaths than any drug in history.”12 —LEWIS CANTLEY, director of the Meyer Cancer Center at Weill Cornell Medical College Now let’s take a look at another amazing medicine, one that our friend Dr. David Sinclair and millions of other people utilize every day… metformin. The FDA-approved, first-line treatment for type 2 diabetes, metformin, is wildly popular in the longevity field. My coauthors Bob Hariri and Peter Diamandis have been taking it for years. So have futurist-par-excellence Ray Kurzweil and biotech entrepreneur Ned David. And so does Nobel Prize winner James Watson of double-helix fame, who once went so far as to say that metformin might be “our only real clue into the business” of beating cancer. When a recent anti-aging forum of 300 people was asked who was using this medicine to extend their healthspan, half the audience raised their hands. As David Sinclair says, metformin “might work on aging itself.”


Metformin has been correlated with vitamin B12 and B6 deficiencies, which can lead to anemia, so be sure to monitor your vitamin levels and supplement as needed.


Likewise, in men a careful assessment of clinical symptoms, physical examination, lifestyle factors, and biochemical lab data are all necessary not only to determine if you are a candidate for HOT with true testosterone deficiency, but also to rule out any important red flags that would require a deeper investigation and may lead to alternative therapeutic options.


Ultimately, HOT practitioners carefully weigh potential benefits with potential risks, and the opportunity costs of various Rx, lifestyle, and nutraceutical interventions, to inform and empower patients as partners in optimizing their health and performance journey.


The first solution, according to Dr. David Sinclair and other top scientists in the age reversal space, lies in NAD+ supplements. Sinclair’s supplement of choice is nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN).


What exactly is NAD3 and how does it work? NAD3 is a patent-pending nutraceutical containing a unique Wasabi japonica extract, theacrine and copper(I)-niacin complex. Preliminary pre-clinical and human studies suggest that it turbocharges enzymes that boost the conversion of NAD+ precursors, such as NMN, to NAD+, while also suppressing the activity proteins that deplete NAD+. Dr. Lopez explains, “NAD3 co-supplementation with any NAD+ precursor (such as NMN) is like playing both on offense and defense at the same time.”


Vitamin D3 boasts a strong safety profile, along with broad and deep evidence that links it to brain, metabolic, cardiovascular, muscle, bone, lung, and immune health. New and emerging research suggests that vitamin D supplements may also slow down our epigenetic/biological aging.29, 30 2. Omega-3 fish oil: Over the last thirty years or so, the typical Western diet has added more and more pro-inflammatory omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids versus anti-inflammatory omega-3 PUFAs. Over the same period, we’ve seen an associated rise in chronic inflammatory diseases, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease. 31 Rich in omega-3s, fish oil is another incredibly versatile nutraceutical tool with multi-pronged benefits from head to toe. By restoring a healthier PUFA ratio, it especially helps your brain and heart. Regular consumption of fatty fish like salmon has been linked to a lower risk of congestive heart failure, coronary heart disease, sudden cardiac death, and stroke.32 In an observational study, omega-3 fish oil supplementation was also associated with a slower biological clock.33 3. Magnesium deficiency affects more than 45 percent of the U.S. population. Supplements can help us maintain brain and cardiovascular health, normal blood pressure, and healthy blood sugar metabolism. They may also reduce inflammation and help activate our vitamin D. 4. Vitamin K1/K2 supports blood clotting, heart/ blood vessel health, and bone health.34 5. Choline supplements with brain bioavailability, such as CDP-Choline, citicoline, or alpha-GPC, can boost your body’s storehouse of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and possibly support liver and brain function, while protecting it from age-related insults.35 6. Creatine: This one may surprise you, since it’s often associated with serious athletes and fitness buffs. But according to Dr. Lopez, it’s “a bona fide arrow in my longevity nutraceutical quiver for most individuals, and especially older adults.” As a coauthor of a 2017 paper by the International Society for Sports Nutrition, Dr. Lopez, along with contributors, stated that creatine not only enhances recovery, muscle mass, and strength in connection with exercise, but also protects against age-related muscle loss and various forms of brain injury.36 There’s even some evidence that creatine may boost our immune function and fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Generally well tolerated, creatine has a strong safety profile at a daily dose of three to five grams.37 7.


Omega-3 optimizer: SmartPrime-Om: With his partners, Dr. Lopez has leveraged artificial intelligence to identify a cocktail of methylation pathway nutrients and plant-based bioactive ingredients found in sesame seed oil extract that can expand the benefits of fish oil and increase activity of genes and enzymes responsible for increasing the body’s “pool” of omega-3s like DHA, DPA, and EPA. SmartPrime-Om also promotes delivery of omega-3s in the ideal biochemical phospholipid package to increase benefits for most cells, tissues, and major organs. 8. 23Vitals for nutraceutical immune optimization was formulated to shore up our bodies on a molecular level and rejuvenate our immune system. It contains 23 bioactive ingredients, covering more than fifty human clinical trials showing immune system bolstering, and other ingredients to support our digestive tract, respiratory, and cardiovascular health, and muscle and joint recovery from exercise stress. It’s designed to promote a healthy immune response when we need to fight off a challenge, and then tone down inflammation once the threat has been neutralized and the “wave” has receded. Available in a ready-to-mix powder. I use this personally, and am also an investor in the company.


You’ll see how pain disappears when electromagnetic energy—so-called lighting in a box, or PEMF, pulsed electromagnetic field, therapy—is harnessed as a restorative therapy. Its incredible impact has been demonstrated in thousands of studies. 2.


You’ll learn that a simple but powerful repositioning of the body called “postural therapy” can actually have an immediate impact on chronic pain.


Opioids have so many negative potential side effects, from constipation, to altered consciousness, mood changes, and obviously addiction, and the list goes on. Toradol has none of these.


In one of his studies, Longo and his collaborators examined the effects of protein consumption on the mortality of 6,381 people over the age of 50.9 During an eighteen-year follow-up period, he found that people aged 50 to 65 who ate high levels of protein were more than four times as likely to die of cancer than people who ate low levels of protein. The group that ate high levels of protein also had a 74 percent increase in their risk of dying from any cause.


But what really mattered was whether the protein they ate came from plants (for example, beans, peas, nuts, seeds, and whole grains) or animals (for example, meat, eggs, milk, and cheese).


In a clinical trial involving 100 people, Longo’s team tested the effects of doing his fasting-mimicking diet for five days a month over three months.


After collecting a stool sample from its customers, Viome (which Peter and I invested in through his venture firm, BOLD Capital Partners) uses its genetic sequencing technology to identify trillions of microbes in the gut and analyze their activities, including their biochemical interactions with the foods you eat. (Another great company that does biome analysis is called GI Map.) “There wasn’t even a supercomputer that was built ten years ago that could have analyzed this massive set of data,” says Viome’s CEO, Naveen Jain. Using advanced artificial intelligence, Viome crunches that data to offer individualized advice on which foods and supplements may positively or negatively affect your microbiome.


Another useful tool to determine how your body utilizes carbohydrates and fats is a genetic test like the one my wife and I used from DNAFit.


But after two years, the participants in the ketogenic group began to gain their weight back as they struggled to stay consistent. Those who ate according to their genotype not only lost significantly more weight but also reduced total cholesterol, increased the beneficial HDL cholesterol, and improved fasting blood glucose levels.


It appears that humans from different ancestral backgrounds utilize carbohydrates and fats differently.


Companies like Viome, WHOOP, and Oura are leading us into a data-driven future that makes these individualized interventions possible. Increasingly, you and I will be able to optimize the way we eat, fast, exercise, rest, and sleep because we’ll know with more clarity than ever before what impact to expect when we fine-tune our behavior.


She pointed out in a recent study in Experimental Gerontology, saunas have been shown to stimulate the immune system, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and improve cardiovascular function. Sitting in a sauna can also boost your heart rate in much the same way as medium-intensity exercise—but with far less effort! Plus, there’s the emotional bonus of taking time to relax, rejuvenating in peace on your own or in the company of friends and family. 


There are many companies that make self-contained units that stay cold. Dr. Rhonda personally uses The Plunge ( Are you convinced? Try testing out the power of heat or cold for 30 days and see what you think. The science shows that you’ll be glad that you did! For more information on the power of heat and cold, visit


YOUR LONGEVITY HEALTH, FITNESS & LONGEVITY WEEKLY CHECKLIST 1. Hydrate. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. Add some fresh lemon and a pinch of Celtic sea salt to optimize your hydration and electrolyte balance. 2. Eat foods closest to their natural source. Avoid processed carbs, and low quality processed meats. 3. Decrease Disease Risk. Consume at least one serving of cruciferous vegetables per day including broccoli sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, or kale. 4. Commit to a structured eating window. Consume meals in an 8 to 12 hours and fast for 12-16 hour window each day. 5. Stay consistent with sleep. Go to sleep and wake up at about the same times each day. 6. Get strong. Perform three resistance training sessions per week. 7. Strengthen your heart, lungs, and build endurance with 3 cardiovascular exercise sessions of 20 to 30 minutes each session. 8. Consider the power of using heat and cold to use positive stressors to lower your blood pressure, reduce inflammation, reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s, and cut your risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 50%.


Train your brain with daily breathwork and meditation 5–20 minutes per day.


One helpful piece of technology that Peter uses religiously is a cooling mattress pad called a ChiliPAD. He sets it for sixty-five degrees—the same temperature as his bedroom air-conditioning.


In fact, research at Harvard Medical School shows a 45-minute treatment of NuCalm may give you the benefits equivalent to 2–5 hours of deep, restorative sleep by balancing your autonomic nervous system and restoring you to optimal health.


NuCalm, Ignite Warrior Brain, and Deep Sleep are easy to use and have cumulative benefits that can put you back into control of your life and empower you with certainty to live your best life! To find out more about NuCalm’s new software tracked solutions, simply reach out to them at their website,


OsteoStrong takes its cue from static contraction, offering state-of-the-art machines that safely strengthen your entire musculoskeletal system in a workout that lasts less than ten minutes just once a week!


for example, brown rice, quinoa, farro, and steel-cut oats (so, oatmeal for breakfast instead of sugar-sweetened cereal from a box). If you want to take it one step further, go for ancient grains like buckwheat, barley, wild rice, and spelt, which are even more nutritious.


Twenty to thirty minutes before lunch and dinner, you simply swallow three Plenity capsules along with two glasses of water. The tiny hydrogel particles in these capsules expand by about one hundred times inside your stomach as they absorb the water around them. The result? You feel fuller and less inclined to overeat.


Huang was skeptical when his doctors told him there was a new drug option called semaglutide (sold under the brand name Ozempic). The doctor had seen some astounding results from this new drug, including a 50 percent drop in HbA1c levels and a weight loss of as much as 50 pounds. What’s more, these dramatic improvements could happen quickly—sometimes within a couple of months. Huang’s doctor mailed him some Ozempic pens, which he would use to inject himself with this groundbreaking drug once a week. He started on a low dose, which was then slowly increased. In the past, Huang had experienced almost every side effect under the sun from his medications. But you know what? With Ozempic, he experienced no side effects at all.


“I don’t want to achieve immortality by being inducted into the Hall of Fame. I want to achieve immortality by not dying.” —William De Morgan


Perhaps to make you feel a bit better about what we all endured in 2020, history provides some valuable comparisons to remind us how far we’ve come in handling pandemics. Consider the following: Between 1347 and 1351, the bubonic plague, the most fatal pandemic recorded in human history, caused the death of 75 to 200 million people in Eurasia and North Africa, and wiped out some 30 to 50 percent of England. They never found a cure.


The 1918 influenza pandemic (also known as the Spanish Flu) was the most severe pandemic in recent history. It was caused by an H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin. It’s estimated that about 500 million people—one-third of the world’s population—became infected with this virus. The number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide, with about 675,000 occurring in the United States. This virus is still with us today, and is the reason for our annual flu shots.


“If you can’t win, change the rules.”


My dear friend, Ray Kurzweil, speaks about a concept called “longevity escape velocity.” It’s an intriguing notion that in the near future, science will be able to extend your life by more than a year for every year you are alive. Once that happens, we can begin to think about true longevity.


Ray’s prediction is that we’ll reach longevity escape velocity in the next ten to twelve years. Professor George Church of Harvard Medical School echoes that same time frame.


Moore thought this was pretty amazing and he predicted that this trend might continue. Well, it has for fifty-five years. Moore’s Law is the reason the smartphone in your pocket is a thousand times smaller, a thousand times cheaper, and a million times more powerful than a supercomputer from the 1970s.


Exponential Growth in Storage Consider data storage, which is critical for the genomics world today. The 3.2 billion base pairs of your genome correspond to about 725 megabytes of data, or 0.75 gigabytes of storage. In 1981, if you were to store your uncompressed genome, a 1-gigabyte hard drive of storage cost half a million dollars. Today, it’s 50 million times cheaper at under 1 cent per gigabyte.


Exponential Growth in Computation How about computation? In 1971, Intel put out its first computer chip, the Intel 4004. It had 2,300 transistors on it, at $1 each. Intel no longer actually tells you how many transistors are on their chips, but the recent Core i9 had 7 billion transistors at less than a millionth of a penny each. This represents a 27-billion-fold increase in price performance in forty-five years.


If you have a smartphone, you have access to more computational power in your hand than most of the governments on the planet had just thirty years ago.


For example, when 4G mobile service rolled out its 2009 offering, it offered 100 Mbps speeds. A decade later in 2019, 5G began deployment offering speeds of 10 Gpbs (one hundred times faster).


Starting with little more than a few simple rules, in mid-2017, AlphaGo Zero took only three days to beat its parent, AlphaGo, the same system that beat Lee Sedol. Three weeks later, it trounced the sixty best players in the world. In total, it took forty days for AlphaGo Zero to become the undisputed best Go player on Earth.


How we spend our time has changed a lot in the past few decades. Our ability to get almost any question we want answered instantly on Google is perhaps chief among them. Compare this to the days when you’d need to drive to the library and hope you could find a published book that had the data you needed. Add to this the saved time resulting from instantaneous global communications, and the ability to find the exact product you need and order it online, having it delivered the very next day. And of course, as of the Pandemic of 2020, there’s the acceptance of connecting with someone over Zoom, rather than spending an entire day flying from LA to New York for an hour-long meeting.


To remind you, the Human Genome Project took about a decade to sequence a single human genome, completed in April of 2003 at an approximate cost of nearly $3 billion. Today Illumina’s latest generation sequencer has the potential to sequence your genome in an hour and for $100—or 87,600 times faster and 30 million times cheaper.


“However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.” —STANLEY KUBRICK, legendary American filmmaker


Heck, if you have $1 billion but your primary habitual emotions are frustration and anger, then your life isn’t wealthy—it’s poor!


Years later I realized that our lives are controlled by three decisions. You’re making these decisions right now even as you’re reading this story. And how we make these decisions determines the quality of our life. The first decision we all make is… DECISION #1: What we decide to FOCUS on


DECISION #2: What does this MEAN?


DECISION #3: What am I going to DO?


“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” —VIKTOR FRANKL, author, neurologist, psychiatrist, philosopher, and Holocaust survivor


I learned that under stress, angry people got more angry and sad people got sadder. Happy people looked for the good. In the most difficult situation, caring people were focused on helping others. Once we realize that our emotional home shapes our relationships, our careers, our parenting styles, even the level of intimacy we accept or reject, we can actually start to have a different life.


I would suggest that our biggest problem is that we think we’re not supposed to have any.


So how do we create an extraordinary quality of life? There are two worlds we need to master: the external world and the internal world. I call these the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment.


The science of achievement is how to turn your dreams into reality. And while that’s not the subject of this book, that’s what I’ve spent most of my life teaching people through my books, events, and private coaching. But the second skill I would attest to is even more important, and that’s mastering the art of fulfillment.


The challenge, though, is that many people believe that someday, somehow, someone or something will make them happy. But I’ve found that the road to “someday” often leads to a town called “nowhere.”


But if you succeed and are still unhappy, that’s what I call “technically screwed”!


Why? It’s because we’re not meant to sit at the table of success for too long. We’ll get fat and bored. Everything in the universe is beholden to these two fundamental truths: Everything in the universe either grows or it dies… and everything in the universe either contributes or it’s eliminated by evolution.


Expectations are what destroy happiness—whether it’s in our relationships, with our kids, or with our work. Expectations are why so many people are so unhappy today, even in a world with so much abundance.


“Oh, it was really good.” Why? Because the day went the way they wanted it to go. “It was incredible, one of the greatest days of my life.” Things went better than they’d expected. “It was a terrible day.” You guessed it—things didn’t turn out the way they’d hoped for or anticipated. All three of these responses are based on expectations.


Think about it. Most people have a highway to stress and a dirt road to happiness. If you develop this new habit, you’ll reverse that—you can build a highway to happiness and a dirt road to pain.


Tool #1: Energy Medicine: A Scientific Antidote To Stress The first is a tool that works with people even with extreme trauma. You may have heard of Energy Medicine, a set of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), also known as tapping. It combines ancient Chinese acupressure with modern psychology.


We’ve even built an app together. To experience this transformative technique for yourself, you can download the app for free (or get a special discount on the premium version) by visiting


Tool #2: Priming: Wiring Yourself for a Peak State The second tool is something that I do every single day to start my morning; it’s called priming. I won’t try to explain it here, but it’s a ten-minute process to supercharge your mind and emotions before you begin your day. I made it 10 minutes, so there’s no reason not to do this. If you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life! Don’t you agree? If you would like to see how this tool works, you’re welcome to go to


But before you turn the final page, I hope you really take a moment to commit to live in a beautiful state, no matter what happens. A beautiful state isn’t perfect. It’s better than perfect. It’s messy, playful, full of fun. It’s being generous with yourself and others, and not taking yourself too seriously. It’s working to keep getting better to foster a life filled with joy and happiness and meaning. It’s finding something or someone you want to serve more than yourself. Because that’s the true meaning of grace—a life well lived—a life of service and a life filled with love.


And finally, please remember these three decisions that you’re making each day, and choose well: 1. Decide what you’re going to focus on. It will determine what you experience in life. 2. Decide what things mean. It will determine what you feel. 3. And decide what you’re going to do. It will determine your results.




STEP ONE: DECIDE & GET THE INFORMATION YOU NEED 1. Decide what you truly want for your life physically. What is the result that you’re truly after? Do you want more energy? More vitality? More strength? More flexibility? Do you want to start to rejuvenate your body? Revitalize it? Bring more youth to it? 2. Get the information that you need. Get yourself tested, so you can maximize your energy by: Knowing whether there are toxic metals in your system that are getting in the way of your well-being. Knowing if your hormones are in balance, which can make a giant difference in how you feel day to day. And then ideally, do the things that will give you peace of mind for yourself and for your family. Get the GRAIL test plus a full-body MRI so that you can know that there’s nothing to be concerned about with cancer. GRAIL can even be done even in your home, with a simple blood test. If it’s appropriate, I would consider scheduling a CCTA Test so that you know exactly where your cardiovascular health is and what needs to be done to stay strong and healthy for years to come. Consider getting the Alzheimer’s Test so that you know if you’re genetically predisposed, and also come up with a lifestyle plan that will reduce your risk. If you do this far enough in advance, there are a variety of tools in this book that can make a difference. Who’s in your family or friendship base whom you would like to also make sure gets tested to look out for their well-being and help them to maximize the quality of their life. Last, if you want to have some fun, you can discover what your true age is. As I mentioned earlier, I was thrilled to discover that my chronological age of 62 is only 51 years biologically. I think you’ll be surprised. If it’s not where you want it to be, there are so many things within these pages that you can do to change it.


STEP TWO: REVIEW YOUR EDUCATION If you’ve read this book, congratulations! You’ve given yourself a tremendous education. But knowledge isn’t power; it’s potential power. Decide what tools do you want to access today. And what do you want to keep track of in the future? 1. Are stem cells something that you want to pursue for some aspect of your life or for someone in your family? 2. Do you want to implement Dr. Sinclair’s Four Vitality Ingredients that help reverse biological aging? Or tap into the energy force of NMN? 3. Or, are there some technologies that you’ll want to keep track of so that you have them when you need them? Perhaps the Wnt Pathway for Osteoarthritis? 4. Is there anyone in your family or people you know whom you want to share information with about what you’ve learned here in the big 6—heart disease, diabetes/obesity, stroke, cancer, autoimmune disease, and Alzheimer’s? 5. Are you going to keep track of Gene Therapy and CRISPR and some of the transformations it’s creating? 6. Do you know anyone who has Parkinson’s or severe addiction who could feel relief from focused Ultrasound without brain surgery? Make a list of the things that you want to act on and things you want to keep track of, so that if you or anyone you know who needs help, you’ll have answers that you can share with them and that they can consider with their doctor. Just create a little checklist for yourself. The book is here. It’s the ultimate resource you can go back to as often as you need. 


STEP THREE: MAXIMIZE YOUR ENERGY & REGENERATION Consider what aspects of Vitality Pharmacy (Chapter 10) might help you accelerate your energy, your strength, your vitality. Or help you to recover from challenges you may be facing. 1. Are you going to expand your capacity by optimizing your hormones through H.O.T. (hormone optimization therapy)? 2. Would peptides be something you may want to consider? Are there any peptides that you’d like to look into that could make a difference in anything from your immune system to sexual desire and drive? 3. What are some of the pharmaceutical-grade supplements that you might want to have to start your day with energy or to get yourself to sleep at night without side effects? 4. Or would you like to tap into NAD3 or other NMN-like products to maximize your energy and vitality? 


STEP FOUR: CREATE A PLAN FOR SLEEP & LIVING PAIN FREE Remember, the third pillar of health besides diet and exercise is sleep. And it profoundly affects how your diet gets processed or whether you even feel like exercising. So what’s your plan? Can you schedule seven hours and track your sleep with an AI device? Will you make some of the changes that will make it easier for you to get a deep and restful sleep so you feel vital? And if there’s pain in your body, or in someone you love, which of the tools do you want to use to free yourself? PEMF? Pete Egoscue’s techniques? Counterstrain? Relief treatment to free up your tissue and nerves? Are you going to do things to support your back, like a simple Back Arch?


STEP FIVE: DEVISE YOUR MAXIMUM LONGEVITY LIFESTYLE What are three to five things that you want to commit to do? You’re not going to do them all. What are the things that you think could make the biggest difference? 1. Is it eating more live foods? Reducing your sugar? Perhaps going on a 10-day cleanse to break the pattern and reset your system? 2. Would you cut 300 calories from your daily food intake—one bagel a day—and see a significant change? Would you want to implement one of the new FDA tools like Plenity to curb your appetite? Or Wegovy to shut off the hormone that creates hunger? 3. If you have pre-diabetes or diabetes or know someone who does, what do you want to use out of that chapter to make the changes so that you don’t have to live with it anymore? 4. You could even decide to cut back on caffeine and increase your water intake to half your body weight in ounces per day to increase your hydration. Are you going to practice breathing patterns that help you to relax and move your lymph, like the breathing pattern of 1–4–2? 5. Will you change your food environment so you’re not triggered by putting fresh foods near you, as opposed to as many packaged and processed foods? 6. Will you tap into the power of heat and cold to give your body a healthy shock that help protect you from disease and extend your healthspan? This is all about designing your lifestyle in a way that’s most fulfilling for you.


STEP SIX: MOVEMENT IS LIFE: WHAT IS YOUR FITNESS PLAN? Given that exercise can reduce your risk of cancer by 40 percent, cut your risk of a stroke by 45 percent, and slash your risk of diabetes by 50 percent… 1. Will you just work out ten minutes a week with something like OsteoStrong? 2. Will you create a plan with Billy Beck III, that you want to act on for free? You’ll get your design to start with for free. 3. Do you want to make exercising fun ...


STEP SEVEN: TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MIND Will you create a daily practice for just 10 minutes per day through priming? Remember, you can visit to supercharge your mind and emotions to set you up for the day? Do you want to utilize the power of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Tapping? Visit to download the app for free and receive a discount on membership. Do you know somebody who has severe anxiety or PTSD that you can pass along information to on the injection used with great success by vets? And most importantly, will you become more aware and not let fear take over, knowing that the mind can make you sick or healthy, frustrated or happy? 

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