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Pleasure and Your-Pleasure, always capitalized (cf. Plan)

Pleasure is a major sub-personality of Now, the other one being Frightened. Like Now, Pleasure is interested in taking actions now that are likely to result in feeling pleasure now and avoiding discomfort now. Pleasure is called to duty, however, only when concern is stimulated by Plan, who wants Pleasure to give up pleasure now for the future benefits that Plan wants to achieve. It's Pleasure's job to help ensure that we feel pleasure and avoid pain and discomfort now. Pleasure and Frightened are natural allies in just wanting to feel good now. When Frightened feels Fearless is threatening to create a fearful present, then Frightened will step up to argue for feeling safer now. When Pleasure sees Plan wanting us to endure discomfort now and avoid pleasure now, it's Pleasure's job to step up.


Pleasure-Plan Integrity is created using the processes detailed in the NNI toolkit and the NFS toolkit.

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