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Making the most of your life-coaching session

with Dwight GoldWinde

The most bang for the buck

These guidelines below will help you receive the most benefit from your session with Dwight. All issues discussed are held in strict confidence and will not be shared with anyone else.


Select an area of your life that you want to change


Choose one area of your life you would like to change. Dwight likes to work with big issues, problems, or goals…so don’t be shy about picking something you really want to change, even if you consider it impossible or it seems like it's been with you forever.


Once you’re considering an issue to work on, ask yourself, “If I made a major impact in this area during my one-hour session with Dwight, would that impact be life-changing for me?”  If your answer is “yes,” chances are you’ve picked an issue big enough for your session.


What if I don’t have an issue, problem, or goal?


Don’t worry if you don’t know what to focus on. Dwight has worked successfully with people who don’t have an issue ready to go at the beginning of the session.


If this is your situation, simply call Dwight at your scheduled time and he will work with you to discover where you can make a significant change. 


Fifteen minutes before your call…


You will benefit the most by reducing the chance of distractions during your session. Prior to the appointment time, make any necessary changes to your environment.  This could mean telling others that you can’t be disturbed, keeping your dog in a place where he or she won’t bark, or turning down ringers on other phones.


  • You start your session by calling at the appointed time Dwight’s USA number direct to DaNang, Vietnam: 206-923-9554. 

  • If you want to use Skype to call me, my Skype address is goldwindedwight. It will be an audio-only call.

  • If we have arrangement a Zoom session, the login information is:


Have pen and paper for taking notes.  And come with an open mind.  We want to have fun with your issue…even if it seems a difficult one for you.

You can select from one of these life areas for your session


Consider these life areas when you choose an issue, problem, or goal to address with Dwight:

Career and education

•  Creating the career of your dreams

•  Achieving goals

•  Increasing sales or building your business

•  Networking

•  Achieving outstanding results

•  Improving your education

•  Creating win-win

•  Making the process enjoyable and fun

•  Successfully taking tests

•  Becoming a force to be reckoned with

•  How to build your career as a life coach


Your passions and interests

•  Indulging in adventure, recreation, and 


•  Traveling the world

•  Discovering your passions in life

•  Learning to bring more fun to your life

•  Loving the journey

•  Lightening your load

•  Creating more balance in your life


Your relationship with yourself

•  Appreciating yourself and your life

•  Discovering and expressing your true self

•  Creating personal power

•  Managing resistance and fear

•  Living life with integrity

•  Learning to take charge of your life

•  Removing unwanted habits

•  Creating wanted habits


Your relationship with others        

•  Appreciating others      

•  Building companionship and intimacy

•  Enjoying passion, sex, and romance

•  Learning powerful communication skills 

•  Improving relationships with family, friends,

    and acquaintances

•  Learning how to say “no” or make requests

•  Creating healthy boundaries

•  Mastering who you are for others

•  Understanding the differences between men

    and women

•  Finding and attracting your lifelong romantic


Your health

•  Achieving health, fitness, and longevity

•  Improving your energy and vitality

•  Sleeping well and staying well-rested

•  Coping with chronic or serious illness

•  Enjoying a smoke-free and/or alcohol-free life


Creating ecstasy in your life

•  Celebrating your life and accomplishments

•  Creating a compelling future      

•  Finding and following your life passion   

•  Building passion for your life

•  Creating your life as a work of art           

•  Loving the moment; enjoying the process

•  Taking more risks


Spirituality and Philosophy

•  Building your community, church, and service

•  Attracting miracles       

•  Exploring spirituality, God, awe, aliveness,

    and inner peace

•  Recognizing the limits of control

•  Points of view, attitudes, and interpretations


Major life events

•  Working with grief, loss, and dying

•  Preparing for beginnings (renewals, marriages,

    births, and transitions)

•  Creating powerful endings (completions,

    separations, and divorces)         

•  Understanding fear and pain (necessary and


•  Working with breakdowns and breakthroughs


•  Having enough time for everything

•  Going from busy or bored to leisurely busy

Your finances

•  Creating money and prosperity   

•  Managing your money

•  Saving for retirement, vacations, etc.

•  Eliminating debt and unwanted spending



Your Environment

•  Mastering organization and life structures

•  Creating a supportive physical environment

•  Choosing the best city in the world for you

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