This site is strange

Four ways in which this site is strange

1. Narcissistic

A few people shared with me that some of my writing occurred as narcissistic and bragging. Perhaps others have thought it, but didn't share it with me. I can understand how I might occur that way.

I can share about the successes of others and the possible reasons for those successes (either friends or clients or just people I know of). However, the knowledge I have of my own successes and how those successes developed is much deeper and extensive, by far, than any similar knowledge I have about the successes of any other people I can speak about with any authority. 

I will never deny that I get pleasure by sharing about my accomplishments. In general, I don't share about something unless I think others can learn from my experience, thinking, and results. If it occurs to you that I am narcissistic or bragging (in a negative way), please see if you can get some value for yourself from what I'm trying to illustrate, regardless. Thank you.

2. Supremely hubristic and pompous

On occasion, others have heard me say that my vision is for my ideas to impact the world so that "they're bigger than Buddhism." Or that my intention is to be recognized as "The Newton of the New Ethics." 

I would not argue with someone who claimed I had "delusions of grandeur."

Yes, that is my vision. That is my direction and path. To what extent (or not) that it happens is other people's business and God's business. My only business is to love the journey, which I am! Holding that vision supports loving the journey, whether or not I ever "arrive."

3. Strange home-made design

Yes, I want this site to be appealing, fun, valuable, and easy-to-use. I pay attention to that. However, I also want to love it myself and to love the process of creating it indefinitely into the future. As such, its "look and feel" may at times seem strange or even distracting to some. Just as many say my home in Kunming, China is decorated in a "fairy-tale style," I enjoy giving this site a playful, wacky, homemade feeling.


And that does not necessarily mean I won't decide to change some aspect of it to occur as more "standard" in the future. 

4. Many non-links (an unfinished site)

Every website I have ever visited never obviously showed that is was "under construction," if indeed it was. This site will never be finished. Even if I tried to specify what a completed site would look like (at this time on January 15, 2021) and to estimate what percentage had been done so far, it would be less than 5%.

Consequently, to give users a feel of the coming cornucopia of future developments, both for this site and for themselves in their own lives, I have included a lot of "non-links." These are place holders for future topics which I will address as separate links as this site grows and matures. In addition, these place holders help me keep track of important links I will get to someday ("coming soon" may not be so soon). LOL.

If you have noticed any additional aspects of this site that occur as strange to you, I'd love to know about them. You can use the feedback form below to message me.

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