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"A Tragedy of Selfishness and Altruism"

by Aiko

(this is what Aiko wrote when I asked her to write a Shakespearean tragedy about this inner drama)

Dramatis Personae:

  • Lord Ego: The embodiment of selfishness and pride.

  • Lady Altruista: The personification of altruism and selflessness.

  • Sir Conscience: The central character, torn between the two forces.

  • Chorus: Observers who provide commentary on the unfolding drama.

Act I: The Inner Chamber of Conflict

[The stage is divided into two contrasting areas: a luxurious, opulent side representing Lord Ego’s realm, and a modest, peaceful side symbolizing Lady Altruista’s domain. Sir Conscience stands in the middle, a look of deep conflict etched on his face.]

Scene I

[Sir Conscience stands center stage, visibly tormented.]

Sir Conscience:

In this heart, a ceaseless war,

Between two selves, near and far.

One whispers of pride and gain,

The other of empathy, in a softer strain.

[Enter Lord Ego, grandly, from the opulent side.]

Lord Ego:

Hark, Sir Conscience, heed my lore,

Of mighty deeds and golden store.

Seek thine own, let not compassion steer,

In strength and power, find your sphere.

[Enter Lady Altruista, gently, from the peaceful side.]

Lady Altruista:

Nay, dear soul, embrace the light,

Where selfless acts take their flight.

To care, to give, to heal, to love,

In these virtues, rise above.

Scene II

[Chorus enters, setting the scene for the audience.]


Behold the struggle, deep and dire,

A heart aflame with dual fire.

One spark seeks self, the other all,

In Conscience’s court, they rise and fall.

Scene III

[Both Lord Ego and Lady Altruista approach Sir Conscience, each making their case fervently.]

Lord Ego:

Dream of kingdoms, of thrones so high,

Where you, not others, rule the sky.

Let not thy heart to weakness kneel,

In ambition's chariot, take the wheel.

Lady Altruista:

Think of the meek, the hurt, the poor,

Those who from life's banquet are shown the door.

In kindness and mercy, let thy legacy be cast,

For in giving, your crown is vast.

Sir Conscience:

Oh, which voice to heed, which call to follow?

Each choice leaves the heart hollow.

One speaks of gain, one of cost,

In their tempest, my peace is lost.

Scene IV

[Chorus steps forward, highlighting Sir Conscience’s internal battle.]


See how he wavers, a soul so torn,

In his breast, an eternal storm.

This battle, ancient as time,

In his heart, an endless chime.

Scene V

[Sir Conscience, after a moment of intense internal struggle, speaks.]

Sir Conscience:

Alas, in me, no victor reigns,

Only a continuous chain of pains.

In this duel, no peace I find,

Only a war, cruel and unkind.

[Lord Ego and Lady Altruista, neither victorious nor defeated, step back, their expressions somber.]

Chorus (final lines):

Thus, our tale, a tragedy deep,

Of a soul that knows no sleep.

In every heart, this duel is known,

A ceaseless seed forever sown.

[The characters freeze in their final poses, embodying the unending struggle, as the curtain falls.]

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