Undoing Lazy

What "lazy" really means

When you speak/think the word "lazy" applying it to yourself, your Next is blaming your Now for not doing or wanting to do what Next wants to do (or thinks should be done). 

Next is blaming Now. The behavior/feeling of not doing something that Next wants to do is the "message" that Now is expressing. But, instead of your Next noticing that there is a problem with Now-Next integrity that needs to be addressed, Next blames the messenger (your Now). 

It's similar to someone beating up on the thermostat when the room is getting too cold. Most of us can understand how harebrained that would be. Yet feeling bad about ourselves (our Next criticizing our Now) because we are "lazy" is just as stupid, with much more life-numbing results.

Blaming is not an option (in the same sense that you wouldn't allow yourself to use violence against another if they didn't do what you wanted or disagreed with you)

One of the most important starting points for creating Now-Next integrity is that your Next declares the intention that he or she will let go of criticizing, blaming, or being disappointed in your Now whenever your Now doesn't do or want what your Next would like. Instead, whenever this occurs, your Next will intend to bring curiosity to the question of how to create an understanding/partnership with Now regarding this disagreement. Use Kickstarting a mental habit to keep refreshing this declaration and the reminder to bring curiosity to the forefront.

Review this link: Next showing respect to Now.


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