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Deborah Blackmon - June, 2015

Dwight GoldWinde has been my friend, mentor and life/business coach for over 25 years. During this time he has helped me through a multitude of issues in all phases of my life. He coached me in closing our family real estate business and re-building my real estate and property management business.


Dwight coached me and my ex- husband through successfully completing our divorce so we could remain best friends and be supportive of each other's new relationships. I had several years of dealing with my parents's health issues leading to their eventual passing.  Dwight helped me "get out" and start dating again which allowed me to find my current love of seven years.

Dwight has gone through all of this with me and has always been there for me. I look forward to our weekly calls knowing that anything I say will be held in complete confidence with no judgement. I know that no matter how I feel going into the call, my perspective will always be greatly improved, if not transformed, by the end of the call. I appreciate all of the years of working with Dwight and expect to work with him for many years to come.

-Deborah Blackmon

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