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Who are Express and Emage?

Developmental note:

I only started to become aware of EE conflicts and the idea of EE integrity (as distinct from OOI and NNI) in mid January, 2020. Previously I had conflated what I am now calling Express-Emage conflicts as an indistinct group with Oneself-Others conflicts. As such, I am now step-by-step developing clarity about their distinctness (as well as how they interact). Therefore, for a while, the Express-Emage section of this tutorial will remain as this one page. You can also take a side trip from this tutorial by checking out the EEI toolkit

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EE conflicts

EE conflicts arise when to two distinct types of desires/needs seem to go head to head, and that we must choose to sacrifice one over the other. The first type, Express, is our desire and need for full self-expression, authenticity, and without any feeling of self-censorship. The second type, Emage, is our desire and need to look good to others and to feel a sense of belonging with others.

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