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Just asking the question...

"A prudent question is one-half of wisdom."

     -Francis Bacon

Better questions give us better answers

To get better answers we need to ask better questions. Also, when we find a good question, we need to ask it remember to ask it at the times it might be needed.

The highest level question to create Now-Next integrity


Here is the first (and highest level) question to ask. This question needs to be asked in any circumstance in which an immediate conflict or potential conflict occurs between your Now and your Next. A immediate conflict might be: to work on a report that is due (what Next wants) or to watch a movie on Netflix (what Now wants). A potential conflict might be: when considering a promise to exercise tomorrow, how can both my Next and my Now be happy at that time?


“How can both my Next and my Now be happy is this circumstance (or projected circumstance)?” This is the broadest question.


The second question (not quite as broad)


“How can my Now enjoy the process that is needed in order for my Next to get what he or she wants?”


To install these question into our psyche, so that they become our default whenever the need arises to create peace and cooperation between my-next and my-now, I recommend a periodic alarm.

Kickstarting a mental habit


This is how it works. Use a timer-alarm device, like your mobile phone, to set (and reset, as long as necessary) a periodic alarm. You could set it for once an hour, once every three hours, once a day (minimum), as examples. Whenever the alarm sounds, you take a short break to notice whether or not you’re aware of any conflict (or potential conflict) between my Next and my Now. If so, you ask yourself one (or both) of the two questions above. Put priority on finding an answer! For complete instructions for creating this habit, go to Kickstarting a mental habit.

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