Girl self-learns dub step
Escaping Education's Death Valley
Build a School in the Cloud (self-learning)
Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Making learning

easy, effective, and fun

Learning as a Now-Next issue

How many kids (and adults) really love to go to school and can't wait to attend each and every one of their classes to see what they can learn next? Very few.

In our Next's desire for our kids (or ourselves) to have a good future, we have created a system of learning that is antiquated, hard, and boring. We have focused almost exclusively on Next's concerns, while paying little attention to what our Now wants and needs. With Next dominating our approach to learning, we have lost touch with our natural curiosity and eagerness to learn.

Watch these short videos below to get a sense of what's possible for our kids and us in today's world. Let's allow and encourage (in ourselves and in others) to find their own teachers and their own ways of learning what fuels their natural passion.

If you can't find a way to enjoy learning it, it's probably not worth learning.

Girl self-learns opera from Youtube
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