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Second most important set of life skills

Creating respect, peace, and cooperation between Oneself and Others is the second most important set of all life skills (after creating alignment between Now and Next).


Using externalization to creating alignment between Oneself and Others


In creating alignment between Now and Next, the process is primarily internal, since the origin of the conflict does not directly involve other people (although this conflict will often impact others). In contrast, creating alignment between Oneself and Others (although these are also two internal parts of ourselves) is more easily demonstrated by showing how one person (you) can create the best possible relationship with another person (lover, family member, friend, colleague, teacher, student, buyer, seller, acquaintance, stranger). Once you learn how to do this and practice these different approaches, the internal alignment between your Oneself and your Others will occur concurrently.


Seven powerful approaches


In this introduction we’ll focus on seven approaches:


1. The Partnership Conversation

2. Listening without obeying

3. Letting go of defense

4. Courage to make requests, say “no,” and set boundaries

5. Whose business?

6. Embedding costs within the benefits

7. Creating my-now/my-next alignment first (enjoying the process is key)

(The rest of this section is UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

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