Help me to help you!

I need your help now

Let me explain. As a member of The 14:24 Club, you are well aware of the Now-Next issue. One of the fundamental intentions of this site is to give you the tools to address that issue. However, we've got a catch-22. Even though your Next may recognize the value of resolving the Now-Next issues for yourself by doing 14:24 each day, your Now may not always be on board and eager to get into 14:24 each day, right?! As Matthew 26:41 says, "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."

Getting the flesh to support the spirit

With apologies to Matthew, the "flesh" is very strong. Matthew is only calling the flesh weak because the "spirit" has not taken the time to figure out how the flesh could be happy in the process of supporting what the spirit wants and consequently the flesh rebels against the spirit. Therefore, if the spirit wants to get what it wants, then we need to find ways that our flesh is happy to support the process that will likely create what our spirit wants.

Enter the book, "Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products" by Nir Eyal. Yes, I need to pay attention to the power and effectiveness of the ideas and tools presented in AskDwightHow. I will continue to do that. However, for me the current bottleneck in having these tools become a part of your everyday life is to make my site more "habit forming," which is to make it more attractive to your Now, not just your Next.

What would your Now look forward to?

I was doing some brainstorming with my friend Riki Wang and member of The 14:24 Club. Based upon observing her own "addictive" behavior with the Internet, she made some suggestions. I took her suggestions and created the prototype page above. 

Explaining the prototype and the idea behind it...then my questions for you...

A page like this would be the new home page for this site. For now, I'll call it the "Mystery Page." The above example only has eight links. The above prototype was "hand made." Once automated, assuming it can be, the new home page would contain 20 new surprise links each time you access it, as well as a refresh option at the end. Each time you link to AskDwightHow you will be surprised by your luck in discovering some new gems found behind some of the moving pictures on this Mystery Page. Each day the first one or two links will be ones that I have currently written or revised. 

My questions for you...I will pay close attention to your answers

Answer these questions using the feedback form at the bottom of this link. Make sure that you enter your correct email address in the form. When answering specific questions, use the question number (1-6) in your answer so that I am clear which question you are answering, okay? If you want to send your answers directly to my email, use

1) Is your feedback based upon using your computer or your mobile phone? (must answer this question)

2) Did you experience any technical or "what am I supposed to do now" problems in using this page? If so, what?

3) Imagine this Mystery Page as a the new home page, which will include the What's New links. While comparing your imagined feeling of using this page when you first open AskDwightHow to what it was when you opened AskDwightHow in the past, how much do you agree with the following statement:

"I am eagerly looking forward to doing 14:24 today."

  • a) strongly disagree

  • b) disagree

  • c) neutral

  • d) agree

  • e) strongly agree

4) What suggestions do you have for improving the attractive, habit-forming aspects of the Mystery Page?

5) What suggestions do you have for improving the attractive, habit-forming aspects of any other features of AskDwightHow?

6) Any others suggestions, comments, questions that you'd like to share?

With much appreciation, Dwight