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Your Dear Life Letter

Planning the when and how to of your death

and writing your obituary now!

We don't plan the most important thing to plan

We plan our education. We plan our holidays. We plan our wedding. We plan how to raise our kids. We plan our career path. We plan how to change jobs. We plan our days, our weeks, our years. We plan our retirement. 

But there's one thing we don't plan, which we could plan because we all know it's coming. We don't plan the when and how of our death. 

I suggest that we all start planning this, even from as early at ten years old.

"What! Are you out of your mind?" I hear you thinking...

Hear me out first. Do your best to understand the reasons, the evidence for my assertion, "I suggest that we all start planning the when and how to of our death, even from as early as ten years old." After you have heard me out, at a minimum, I'll think you'll find it simulating. At best, you'll find the idea mind and life altering.

Two great benefits to plan your death

Following with me here two separate sets of reasons for why planning your death, in a specific way, will result in two separate sets of benefits both for you, and others.

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