Better Than Self-Discipline

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Self-discipline is vastly overrated and is often the enemy of integrity

If you focus on creating and maintaining Now-Next integrity (using the NNI toolkit when needed), as well as Oneself-Others integrity (using the OOI toolkit), then self-discipline becomes the hard and unreliable way to take care of your future and your relationships.

The idea of self-discipline is the glorification of self-sacrifice, usually sacrificing Your-Now for Your-Next or Your-Oneself for Your-Others.

Learning from nature

Let's learn from nature. The principle of motivation behind nature's designs for life and aliveness has been to create us so that taking care of the future (at least the future that "nature wanted for us") was to make pleasurable that which nature wanted to encourage for the future and unpleasant what nature wanted to discourage.

Who needs self-discipline to make sure they eat regularly?

The prime example is eating. Nature wanted to encourage eating regularly (so that we would continue to thrive and propagate). So she made eating pleasurable and not eating (for very long) unappetizing. Consequently, we easily take ongoing action to ensure that we eat, usually one or more times per day. We require no self-discipline to do this. Nature would have made a big mistake (and we would not have continued to exist as a species) if she had relied of self-discipline to ensure that we ate regularly. 

The NNI toolkit and OOI toolkit are your goto resources for learning how to create and maintain integrity between Your-Now and Your-Next, and also between Your-Oneself and Your-Others, obsoleting any reliance on the unreliable (and difficult) self-discipline.

Say goodbye to self-discipline and say hello to integrity.