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Fun = less un-fun

Is there any activity that is inherently not fun?

I can imagine some activity that stimulated so much physical pain that, for that reason alone, it would be especially challenging (or even impossible) to find a way to make it fun. Aside, from that, I contest the idea that any activity is inherently not fun.

True, it's best to design our life so that we maximize being able to spend time in those activities that are more uniquely and already enjoyable for us to do.

For some activities that occur as un-fun, all you have to do is to add in some fun

I did this when I got stuck by in 2002 on writing my book on courage. The draft of the book was written. I just needed to sit down and edit 700 pages. For some, editing their book might have occurred as naturally enjoyable. Not true for me. To enjoy editing my book, I had to add something to the process to make it enjoyable. Here's the story of how I did that.

Often adding fun is not necessary (or won't work) need to remove an un-fun part to make it fun

Before you assume you need to add something to make it fun, first ask yourself the question, "What occurs as un-fun about doing this?"

Although there may be another type of answer to this question, I often find that the un-fun part is caused by fear that you are resisting.

Resisted fear = un-fun

If you're resisting your fear regarding any activity and you're doing it anyway, it's very likely that activity will not occur as enjoyable.

Examples where resisted fear makes the activity un-fun

You don't think the "dating process" is fun. You're resisting fears about, "Are they going to like me? Am I going to like them? If we fall in love, am I going to be hurt or disappointed again? Am I going to feel safe meeting a new person? What if I never find anyone that fits me? ..."

You don't like the process of calling up new prospects to see if they might be interested in the service that you offer. You're resisting fears about, "Are they going to think I'm pushy? Maybe they won't be interested? Maybe I won't represent myself or my service well enough? Maybe I'm not going to get sales quickly enough? ..."

You don't enjoy studying for your classes. You're resisting fears about, "What if I don't learn it well enough to do good on the test? What if I've chosen the wrong things to study and I'll regret it later? What if the teacher asks me a question and I don't know the answer? ..."

You're not enjoying going to work so much and doing your job. You're resisting fears about, "What if my boss is not happy with my work? What if I don't get that promotion I'd like to have? What if this is not the thing I should really be doing with my life? ..."

Undoing the fear and choosing courage

If you can notice any fears, which are most often dufears, associated with engaging in an activity, then tapping into the energies of those fears using Undoing fear and then following up with the three other steps of choosing courage can often awaken your natural enjoyment of an action or activity for you. 

Relish the art of discovering and removing any un-fun parts of what your Next would like you to do!

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