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Let's start with the distinction of a goal in order to develop the similar, yet importantly distinct conception of a journeygoal . Goals can be quite valuable, yet they easily contribute to a lack of Now-Next Integrity instead of supporting it. Replacing goals with journeygoals will solve that problem.

A goal is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) objective that an individual or organization strives to accomplish by a clearly defined date or time, providing a sense of focus, direction, and urgency.

The space that a journeygoal shares and does not share with a goal

A journeygoal shares part of the space of that a goal does, namely, a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) objective that an individual or organization intends to accomplish, providing a sense of focus and direction.

The space that is not shared are the areas that involving "striving" (in the sense of struggle), but most importantly the elimination of the idea of having a date/time deadline and having a sense of urgency.

The new space that journeygoal creates that is not included in the idea of a goal

In order for a journeygoal to have been set, we must put into a place a practice and support system that ensures that we will be taking regular actions that, when continued, will have some measure of predictability of accomplishing the intended outcome, although not knowing exactly or even approximately when that end point will be reached. An important part of this practice and system of support is that it's designed to be enjoyable so that we won't need to deal with any thoughts or feelings of "just wanting to get it over with."

An example (filing our taxes)


We've decided to set up filing our income taxes as a journeygoal this year, instead of a goal that we often procrastinated on getting started with in previous years. First, in order for this to work, we need to begin this journeygoal well in advance of the filing deadline set by the IRS so that there an excess of buffer time.

With our Next thinking about how to make the process enjoyable for our Now, it seems if we just set aside 15 minutes a day (Monday through Friday) to work on the taxes (with some fun music in the background), then everything will move along consistently and enjoyably to the point of getting the taxes filed far in advance of the IRS deadline. We even decide to block the 15 minutes out in our calendar as an additional support and structure of this journeygoal.

The result is that our taxes get filed more than five weeks ahead of time, we weren't rushed so we had the time to do a great job on itemizing the deductions and consequently we'll get a nice refund check this year. To top it off, it was actually quite enjoyable so that we're looking forward to doing our taxes as a journeygoal starting even earlier next year.

See also Progoal (I coined the term "progoal" before, but I think I prefer "journeygoal." What's your vote?)

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